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A Look at Ten Of The Worst Media Lies

Media lies are biting the dust, and the latest lie is the false claim that the feds cleared Lafayette Park. The Department’s inspector says, “police planned to clear the park so a contractor could install a fence, a decision unrelated to Trump’s walk to a nearby historic church burned in a riot.”

Unfortunately, “truth emerges but not because of the press but despite it while the details differ.”

Among the other lies being fed to the people, some conspiracy theories are also the ones that the world accepts. “Take growing acceptance of the idea the COVID-19 pandemic started with a leak from a virology lab in Wuhan, China. The idea was always plausible, but the press and big tech declared it a “conspiracy theory” and snuffed it out of circulation.” But China couldn’t prove that the virus jumped from bats to humans and “the lab-leak theory gained credence.”

Owing to the pattern, we can assemble ten media lies ranging from Trump’s collusion with Russia to win in 2016 to the recent cases involving Lafayette Park and lab-leak theory. This is the oldest and the biggest lie being fed to the world and one lie is the Muslim ban while another lie is the 2017 tax cuts.

A creative fiction based on an anonymous complaint was responsible for Ukraine impeachment of Trump. “But others did to say the president, in trying to get information on Biden family corruption in Ukraine, was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.” Trump here only threatened the scam Joe Biden and son Hunter created that “involved selling the suggestion that Joe’s influence could be had by hiring Hunter.”

Yet another lie involves Hunter Biden’s laptop and highlights that “The Post first showed how the contents revealed his shady foreign business deals and how his father helped him, it was not unreasonable for the Times, Washington Post and others to hold off until they could confirm the explosive information late in the campaign.”

These were just some glimpses of what the top ten media lies hold within themselves.



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