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Afghanistan & The American-Hating Presidents Who Got Us To This Point

Kendra Has Figured it Out:

Indeed, Kendra figured it all out….and more!

The Taliban, a terrorist gang of tens of thousands, allied with ISIS and al Q’aeda, now have America’s most advanced military gear in their hands.

An air force with the most comprehensive inventory of COBRA helicopters, with the Cobra’s top secret avionics, electronic communications and targeting systems, advanced weapons sytems, night vision and thermal imaging; hundreds of America’s state-of-the-art M-1117 IED-resistant vehicles, tanks, mobile artillery, missiles, munitions, and tens of thousands of very lethal automatic small arms.

What will the Taliban do with these?

Try this: kill American and coalition troops, their own civilians too, and sell the gear they cannot master to the highest bidders: Russia, China, Iran.

For billions. And then flood the world with opiates for more billions.

There is a history and pattern from the America-hating presidents who got us here – as the sequence was predictable. It is so, because patterns are predictable and history means one event follows another.

President Clinton (D) gave China advanced missile technology for secret campaign contributions, and later campaign contributions to get Hillary (D) elected.

Barack Obama (D) took Russian collusion promises, as he removed American defensive missiles out of Europe that safeguarded Ukraine from invasion. And later accused Donald Trump (R) of Russia Collusion.

By rejecting the America-friendly Shah of Iran, Jimmy Carter (D) made sure Americans will be taken as hostages by advancing the cause of the Mullahs, and abandoning our American ally.

With a single promise to Iran’s mullahs, Ronald Reagan (R) got our hostages released.

Because America deserved it.

Barack Obama (D) and his veep Joe Biden (D) made sure Americans were again taken hostages by Iran.

And then apologized to Iran for Iran’s taking American hostages. Because America deserved it.

Meanwhile the same Barack Obama (D) and Joe Biden (D) released from America the very same terrorists who just conquered Afghanistan. Because America deserved it.

Under Barack Obama (D) and Joe Biden (D), ISIS grew 4400 percent by the estimates of Obama’s own CIA head.

Crushed in Iraq and Syria by Donald Trump (R), ISIS and al Q’aeda just reconstituted themselves and moved into Afghanistan to join the very terrorists Barack Obama (D) with Joe Biden (D) released from GITMO.

Thanks to courtesy of Team Biden-Harris (D, D), the Taliban’s ideological mates, ISIS and al Q’aeda, returned to Afghanistan. This time outfitted by Obama-Biden-Harris-Blinken-Pentagon’s WOKE generals (12 Ds), with an entire air force and weapons greater in power and sophistication than the standing armies of most of Europe’s advanced and wealthy nations.

Or connect the dots to a President WHO HATED HIS OWN NATION and proved through his record of activities he was in it to win it. Win it, to destroy his own nation. See the link of June 2, 2009 above.

Or connect the dots to the one who is pulling the strings to make sure his nation was permanently damaged.

After all, he sprinted out of the gate in 2009 to tell the world bluntly that his nation was not worthy!

Not worthy of respect, not worthy to succeed, not worthy to win a war.

And then stayed behind in Washington DC to make sure his agenda will succeed.

WASHINGTON TIMES, April 19, 2012 – 9 years ago almost to the day:

“President Obama has lost Afghanistan. The war is turning into a catastrophic defeat – one that will be worse than Vietnam…..”

“President Barack Obama has finished the second leg of his international confession tour.

In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors….”

Are Americans so utterly dense to not figure out what is happening right in front of their eyes?

Or that Afghanistan was just a predictable continuation, not a conclusion of the same wrongheaded, disastrous policy, to deliberately make America fail in every sphere?

Or not figure out that the same confused, inept, incompetent team that negotiated our surrender to the Taliban are now negotiating our surrender to the China-Russia AXIS?

After all, the media mobs covering up for this cabal of traitors and self-dealing criminals who enriched themselves while selling out our nation, were intent to make the American People believe the lies that Afghanistan is all Trump’s Fault.

Just so the same utterly corrupt gang of thugs, still at it and visible to all willing to look, can get away with surrendering and selling out our nation and our nation’s allies to civilization’s enemies, for personal gain?

Source: CD Media


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