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American CEO’s Receive Record Pay in 2020 Despite Reporting Record Losses

The pinnacle of the largest transfer of wealth in US history.

But since the first Globalist Cabal President took office (George HW Bush) in 1988, that number has been systematically whittled down to just 6, through a carefully coordinated melody of foreign investment, mergers, acquisitions and predatory competitive practices.

So now just 6 control over 92% of print, cable, broadcast, internet, steaming, apps and web services.

Once you control it all, it means you can control the flow of information. ALL INFORMATION. You can control what is truth and what is fiction. You can ignore physics, math and biology without so much as a question. You can shame the holdover conspiracy theorists into near-submission.

The same thing with corporations. If you have ONLY the big corporations selling you everything and then you take those corporations and you reduce them down to ten to nine to five to four, you have total control.

BUT, before you do that, you have to get rid of the small businesses first. The small businesses that account for nearly 70% of the US economic activity. Yes. 70%.

The PLANdemic allowed the deep state to do just that. Create total economic destruction and empower a corporate government, media and economy.

Total control.

So we have this. Over 30%, conservatively of US small businesses have already closed their doors. We clearly see that there are certain (see also, BLUE) states that STILL are telling their businesses to stay shut down while the large corporations, they're allowed to be open. THEY HAVE BEEN FROM THE START.

This is all part of the plan.

During the pandemic-laden fiscal year of 2020, US corporate CEOs received record compensation.

Record Compensation?

Do you think the owners of the small businesses are in the same boat?? Do you think they received record compensation in 2020? Absolutely not.

It’s interesting that the CEOs of the 322 largest US corporations, saw their median pay increase from $12.8 million in 2019 To $13.7 million last year.

What’s curious about this is that sales were plummeting during this period of time. Take for example, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines. They had no cruises, but he was paid $36.4 million last year, double his 2019 pay.

How is that possible if the company reported billions in losses and an 80% revenue decline??

There were no cruises!!!!!!

Yes, they were getting money from the government. Yes, they were subsidized.

Does that mean they should get raises?

Does that mean money should be transferred from the pockets of small business owners into the Swiss bank accounts of CEO’s?

Of course not!


And you can see that Trump the Patriots they want people to see this. They want people to get pissed off. They're allowing the people to see it all, because you must be shown the truth. You must see it, experience it to once again fight for your freedom for your economic freedom for your everyday freedom.

You need to see it, you need to take action.



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