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🎥 Analysis: Trump Responds to Latest DOJ ‘Witch Hunt’ [VIDEO]

November 19, 2022

As usual, POTUS dropped some very interesting lines. Does this sound like someone who plans to wait until January of 2025 to make a move?

🔴 “This is a rigged deal, just like the 2020 election was rigged and we can’t let them get away with it….we can’t do it…we can’t let this happen to our country”

In two years?

No. With the military….much sooner

🔴 “Enough is enough… Gotta get back to work… gotta prove that we have a great country again”

Does this sound like someone about to wait two years?

Does this sound like someone for whom the phrase “in Trump Time” was coined because he wants everything done yesterday?

🔴 “And we’ve all had it."

The people of the country have had it!”

Trump is most certainly NOT tone deaf. He’s not going to remind us that we’ve had it, if he can’t do anything for 26 months.

🔴 “WE are innocent…they are NOT innocent, by any stretch of the imagination.”

Reminding the people of the start difference between he and the Biden crime syndicate.

🔴 Referred to Hunter’s laptop as “the blueprint” to the Biden crime syndicate

In my opinion, all eyes on Hunter Biden…. I do believe that he was flipped a long time ago

🔴 “ I’VE HAD IT…”

Think of video that Trump plays before his recent rallies…the “lion and the jackals”. The jackals (the D’s & deep state) keep nipping at the Lion. He remains patient. Until “one day that Lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody”

Sounds like Trump’s mad and about to get even. You do not want to be on the receiving end of that. IMO he’s telling us it’s about to happen

🔴 “We are not going to let these atrocious abuses continue…we’re going to stand up to these tyrants and we’re going to take away their power and we’re going to restore government FOR THE PEOPLE”

Again. There just nothing about the words, context, tone or body language that suggests he means anything beyond the here and now. Not in 26 months.

It’s coming long before 2024.

NOTHING Can Stop What is Coming




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