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💵 Another Blow to The Dollar: Russia Now Demands Europe to Pay for Their Gas in Rubles

March 23, 2022

Joe Biden and the EU are playing checkers and Putin and Russia are playing chess.

Putin on Wednesday responded to the economic sanctions from the US and the West. Russia will now demand that unfriendly nations pay for their much-needed gas in rubles.

Europe gets 40% of its gas supply from Russia. Look for gas prices to surge.

It appears Joe Biden’s mission to kill the US Petrodollar is nearly complete.

Via Richard Medhurst: This rule applies to all “unfriendly” nations. Russia published a list of 48 “unfriendly” states a few weeks ago which includes the EU, U.S., Japan, Switzerland and Norway. (These are generally countries that have sanctioned Russia in the last weeks).

European gas prices raised as much as 21% in Amsterdam following the news.


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