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🟨 Are We There Yet??

June 27, 2023

🟨 People seem to keep asking where we are in the “Plan”…many still looking for dates…

👉 I remind everyone that no one has a calendar that can predict an EVENT-DRIVEN operation.

👉 My short answer is the same that it was last week and the week before. The same that all of the smart, grounded folks like @CaptKylePatriots, @FCBD3CODE, @RatttleTrap1776 and many others have stated for months now.

👉 As far as “where we are,” you are in the exposure phase. Public, “mainstream” exposure of WIDESPREAD corruption with no Justice, anywhere. I’ve said many times that The white hats will “turn up the volume” of the movie until the majority see the double standards. Well folks, it doesn’t get much louder than Biden saying he “sold State secrets” live on camera. How pissed are the normies today that he’s literally laughing about it in their faces and “nothing is being done”. This is pushing them to the “Precipice”.

👉 IMO, the exposure will continue and INCREASE in intensity (and absurdity) until the people are ready to snap. We are close to that IMO, but more can still be done to really piss them off.

👉 Overlapping we’ll have the total Crash of the financial system and complete collapse of banks and the dollar. You’re already seeing this - it started in March and we already have more bank failures by dollar in 2023 (~$600 billion) than 2008 (~$548 billion). You’re also now seeing massive cyber attacks around the world. At a certain point (IMO not much longer) the whole house of cards comes down. Treasury Notes crash, causing banks, stocks, bonds and the dollar to crash and quickly. In a matter of a few days. The way our system works, EVERYTHING stops. Paychecks, bank withdrawals, commerce, credit cards, fuel pumps - everything. At that point, it’s only a matter of hours or a day for riots to ensue. This is not “fear porn” folks. This is economics and history. The crash is not “Q theory”, It’s proven mathematical economic reality. The riots are not unprecedented, it’s what we have seen happen dozens of times over the last 20 years when other countries’ currency and banks have collapsed. People panic.

👉 Lastly, throw in some kinetic war scare events and then the military steps in.

👉 As we have discussed many times, the military has already completed their task of publicly demonstrating that all three branches of government are incapable of upholding the Constitution and protecting the US citizens.  They are MORE than justified to legally step in and these events will ensure minimal resistance from the normies. By the time this all happens, most will welcome it. “Resistance will be dealt with swiftly. -Q”


And if you’re paying attention, the insanity of the “events” happening each day is reaching a crescendo. That should provide comfort to those who insist on timelines.

That’s what still has to happen, IMO



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