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🎥 Bannon: "They're Destroying The Dollar" - Pelosi, Schumer & The Illegitimate Biden Regime

War Room host Steve Bannon didn't hold back when asked about the economic troubles facing the US.

Bannon was again a guest on The Joe Hoft Show on RealTalk93.3 in St. Louis. Bannon shared many excellent observations and expert opinions. It’s great to interview Bannon who spends his days interviewing others. Here are some comments he shared.

“We have a trillion to one and a half trillion dollar deficit in perpetuity.”

"Right now today in Germany they had a full lockdown of every person that is unvaccinated.”

In Austria, they announced on 1 February, mandatory vaccinations.

“They [Democrats] are going to have to print money. They’re destroying the dollar. They’re destroying the economy. It’s just an out of control and quite frankly embarrassing fiasco brought to you by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and of course, the illegitimate regime that is Joe Biden.”



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