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🚨The 'Receipts': Navarro report on Historic Election Fraud — Confirms “Trump Won"

President Trump is eager to bring claims of voter fraud to the forefront in a second impeachment fight, according to a top aide.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro previewed how Trump and his allies will respond to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's impeachment proceedings while also teeing up his third report documenting what he considers to be an effort to steal the 2020 election.

"The president is just itching to defend himself on this issue, and we have the receipts," Navarro told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast on Monday.

Democrats introduced an impeachment resolution on Monday that charges Trump with “incitement of insurrection," tying his encouragement of supporters at a "Stop the Steal" rally on Wednesday to march on the U.S. Capitol to what became a deadly siege of Congress as lawmakers affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory. On the defensive, Trump's allies point out that the president at one point urged supporters to march to the U.S. Capitol "peacefully" at the rally that preceded the chaos.

"I'll tell you what, as that impeachment trial is going on, Donald J. Trump is going to have his alternate TV station going on somehow and get out those receipts. If she wants to go after him by saying there was no election fraud and that was the problem, make my day, Nancy," Navarro said in reference to Pelosi. He did not get into the specifics of how Trump, who has been widely barred from social media, might defend himself during the proceedings, which are coming together less than two weeks before Biden's inauguration. Buckle up folks, this story is far from being over... Below is the Third installment of the Navarro Report, released at 1pm EST on January 14, 2021.



And here is how the Leftist Media Cartel covered it. Some posted with too little time to have even read the report!


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