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🎥 Catholic Charities Implicated In Child Sex Trafficking With Cartels Inside The United States

April 11, 2022

During a recent appearance on Dr. Gina Loudon’s show on Real America’s Voice, After Eden Pictures CEO Jaco Booyens discussed the grim realities of the sex trafficking occurring alongside the numerous problems associated with the border crisis – claiming that even some Catholic charities are complicit in this sex trafficking.

Loudon laid blame to the Biden administration’s policies as partially fueling the crisis along the southern border, adding that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) seem to be getting enriched along with the cartels who are profiting off of the sex trafficking.

“With the policies of this administration, the fentanyl pouring across the border, you know, all the problems we have because of illegal immigration in this country – I don’t think people understand what we really mean when we say slavery is at its all-time highest.

“I’ve heard of rooms full of little boys being shipped to Islamist countries to be sex slaves…and then you know that the cartels are doing nothing except getting richer and richer and our own so called NGOs, who are actually terrorist organizations, in many cases, who are aiding and abetting all of this cartel crime, are also getting very wealthy in the middle of all this. What do we do?”

Booyens responded with a disturbing assertion, claiming that NGOs in the realm of Catholic charities are fully aware of the ongoings along the border and are “complicit” along with various politicians.

“Now look…this may seem like a nightmare, but it’s reality. When you look at Catholic charity, and their involvement, or Catholic relief services in foreign countries, which is Catholic charities, and how many of our politicians are complicit and they know.”

Booyens stated that, “a border is open when it’s allowed to be open,” and that there are people who are profiting in the exploitation of children who are simply turning a blind eye to what’s transpiring.

“[S]ome benefit and that’s a fact and it’s exploitation throughout. Children are being sold for sex into the cartels on the other side of the border. You know, our numbers at the moment show us – and we go on the border – show us that 60% of the children that will cross the border tonight are sexually compromised before they arrive to the border. This is the indoctrination. On our side of the border, we’ve got mules here part of the cartel that literally become a tourist guide.

They guide these guys to San Antonio, taking the woman to rape trees, raping them in the United States. Do you know why? Because they’re saying the US government cannot protect you from us. We’re the cartel in both Mexico and inside the United States and you will pay us for rite of passage, for drugs, for safety. I have a cartel member saying if a mother will not comply, they kill the child in Mexico. This is real.”


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