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🎥 Circling Back: Jen Psaki Helped Hillary Cover-Up State Dept Pedophelia In 2013

March 17, 2022

Jen Psaki was helping Hillary Clinton cover up elite pedophile rings & human trafficking, speaking on behalf of the State Department, as reported by NBC themselves!

Can we CIRCLE BACK to this Jen?

NBC News ~"Hillary Clinton's State Department covered up elite pedophile rings".

When this video was Q'd, we had NO IDEA it would be Joe Biden running for President at the time, let alone knowing who Jen Psaki was & end up having her becoming the White House Press Secretary.

"You're watching a movie"

Dirty Clinton players up front & center stage to be exposed.

I'll stitch a 2nd clip of YouTube deleting a version of this Clinton video, that was MADE BY NBC, due to, "Violating YouTube's policy on harassment & bullying".

In reality, they scrubbed this incriminating video cuz it had over 630K views & they wanted it burried from us due to the election.

It's time for it to resurface given who's in the "White House" & Ukraine child trafficking

We need to CIRCLE BACK to this, Jen!



Credit: Telegram/vDarkness Falls


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