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Completely Biased ‘Fact Checkers’ Are Now Tools to Disparage and Discredit Dissenting Thought 🎥

The Gateway Pundit

Published February 16, 2021 at 10:55am

Mainstream Media's ‘Fact-checkers’ are not fact-checkers they are just another tool used to slander and disparage conservative thought – period. Remember, with The Establishment, it’s all about power.

We at the Gateway Pundit (TGP) have faced so many ‘fact checks’ on our articles it’s become comical. The bigger the story, the more hits we get the more attention from ‘fact-checkers’. But these individuals who represent these firms are not interested in the truth. Their actions show it. Their purpose is to slander, disparage and discourage conservative, God-loving, and America-loving thought. These people ultimately hate free speech and the USA.

We’ve faced numerous fact checks over the past few years since the idea of creating biased individuals berating conservatives and labeling their messages ‘fact-checking’ came about. They have no interest in getting to the truth. The best example is their own actions. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc all pushed and reported on the Russia collusion delusion for years. The story was made up. We now know it was. There is proof. But throughout the period, fact-checkers never once or since called out these far-left sites for being false to the point of being flame throwers of lies for the Democrats.

This was the biggest lie in US history until the 2020 election came upon us and the media’s actions to promote the lies have been supplemented by the fact-checkers.

A few weeks ago we published an article on the real status of cases involving President Trump in the 2020 election. This effort by some patriots who looked into the data surrounding the court cases from the 2020 election was well presented and thorough. It was the first real glimpse of the truth about the election court cases status to date:

Per their list of cases to date related to President Trump and the 2020 election, there were 80 cases and President Trump won 14 of the 21 cases based on merits. This clearly was not being told in Big Media outlets and had to be ‘fact-checked’.

The fact-checkers swarmed. This truth must be destroyed. So the ‘fact-checkers’ at the AP published their hit-piece. “Skewed data fuel questionable claim on Trump election lawsuits”

Unfortunately, the ‘fact-checkers’ repeated misleading claims, like: “In about 60 lawsuits Trump’s legal team and Republican allies filed since the election, only one resulted in a small victory in Pennsylvania. “

The ‘fact-checkers’ were deceptive because the ‘fact-checkers’ artificially parsed the election lawsuits — e.g to before and after November 3. There is no legitimate reason to make that artificial divide. Why not segregate them by whether the lead attorney is a male or female? That would make as much sense.

It was also misleading that the title and article say these claims are based on “skewed data.” There is nothing about the data that was “skewed” — other than it deviates from the mainstream media’s inaccurate narrative. Further, there was no proof in the piece that the list was “skewed.”

The fact-checkers then brought up one of the author’s prior work history in an attempt to disparage him and therefore the article in a very unprofessional manner. Then they went after one of eight sources and attempted to disparage it.

The bottom line is that this supposedly “fact checking” article is a cacophony of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias.

There is no such thing as a ‘fact-checker’. These make-believe entities and the individuals who work for them are nothing but biased pranksters whose job is to harass conservatives and promote far-left liberal lies. Fact check – True.


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