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CONFIRMED: Individuals with One or No Comorbidities At EXTREMELY Low Risk of Dying from COVID-19

In August of 2020, The Gateway Pundit (TGP) reported that the number of individuals that died from COVID-19 with no comorbidities was only 6%. This article went viral and was therefore challenged by the fake fact-checkers. Today we have more proof from the CDC that what we reported was correct.

In August 2020, TGP shared what the CDC reported on its website – that only 6% of all the deaths related to COVID-19 were individuals who died from COVID-19 alone, all the rest of the deaths recorded and related to COVID-19 were individuals with 1 or more comorbidities. We also reported that the average death recorded as a COVID-19 death was related to someone with 2.7 comorbidities.

This post went viral as we reported that only 9,210 of the 153,504 individuals who died with COVID-19 were individuals with COVID-19 only.

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Today we reported on another CDC report. This was a study that showed that less than 1% (0.3%) of individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 with 1 or 0 comorbidities died. So even if hospitalized, the risk of dying from COVID-19 if you have 1 or 0 comorbidities is only 0.3%.

The message remains the same. If you are healthy with no comorbidities, then you have a very small risk of being hospitalized and dying. However, as the number of comorbidities increases, so does the risk of dying with COVID-19.

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