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🎥 Future Corrects The Past: A look at the Mainstream Media's Worst Moments

📂Volume One: March 20, 2021

The "East Room Brawl"

I'm done arguing truth with people.

"Truth" is, by definition, not up for debate. It's fact. End of story. The Sun rises in the East. Water is wet. Night is dark. Man is man and Woman is woman. You don't get to change millions of years of Biology because you had a bad hair day. Sorry.

How did America forget this in less than a decade? Truth is stranger than fiction. A corrupt, treasonous mainstream media orchestrated against We The People by criminals named Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Rothschild and Soros. Point 1 - not up for debate. It's happened throughout history, all over the world since the 16th Century. I'm not here to teach history.

Look up 'Project Mockingbird.' The CIA has had their tentacles all over US media since the 50's. The declassified 2007 documents say they stopped. If you believe that, you likely also think Keith Richards stopped hard drugs. I can't help you if that's the case. No one can help you.

All of this should help explain the stark difference in the media during the Obama or Bush administrations and the callous hatred President Trump faced every single day. Once again - fact: not up for debate - Trump spoke to the media 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a day. Never ducked a question, never.... You know what, look it up. No one should have to explain this to anyone.

It's history - find the truth - it's all out there. You don't even need to get off of the couch.

The more Trump did, the more transparent he was, the more his popularity grew, the more hatred and evil was spewed by the Leftist Media/Hollywood 'cabal'. As more Americans became comfortable and even enamored with their President, the lies and hatred rained down harder and harder from the Mainstream Media.

🎞🎥Flashback: November 7, 2018 - The East Room Brawl

The post-2018 election White House press conference was an eye opener for all at the time. Before it even ended, billions around the world were "beamed" the news that an "Angry Donald Trump" clashed and yelled at reporters. The narrative was set for most before they knew they had an opinion to form. Many knew the truth, more unfortunately did not.

So, for millions of Americans its no surprise that the ever-growing exposure of the mainstream media has awakened them to the true criminal extent of the lies. History will view this time as a very dark period. The disrespect shown the President of the United States, the Office and by extension, We The People is history that must never be repeated.

They say Hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes you must look to the past to see where you are going. No matter how you phrase it, history maters. Even recent history.

Think as you watch and ask yourself this - was Trump out of line in this press conference?

Or was the press?

We already know how it was reported..... time to correct the narrative:



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