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🎥 Corsi: Americans' questions will soon be answered. There is a plan. 🇺🇸

January 17, 2021

Investigative Journalist Jerome Corsi has been at the forefront of "conspiracy theories" for decades. His recent work focused exclusively on the "New World Order" and the Globalists' manipulation of media & government.

You will find that searches on Google will brand Corsi as nothing more than a "conspiracy theorist" spreading "misinformation." However, if you look further, you will see that his work speaks for itself.

Corsi was one of dozens of Americans who volunteered to be interviewed by the FBI during the Mueller Investigation in 2018. His voluntary testimony turned into self-defense when he refused to implicate President Trump for crimes he did not commit.

Remember, only the truth can truly fix our Country now. Please consider sharing this with a friend or family member.



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