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A Medical 🏥 Miracle? CDC Reported ONE Flu Case Last Week

It really is a medial miracle!

Or not.

The truth is it's simply the result of a global conspiracy designed to manipulate data, statistics, fear and public opinion. It's the result of collaboration among the corrupt WHO, CDC, the treasonous political elite and the equally complicit mainstream media cartel. All in the name of crashing economies, suppressing public optimism and moving further towards the Globalists vision of a "New World Order."

Anyone who actually understands what the Clintons, Soros, Gates et al envision for the world should be afraid, very afraid. Experimental DNA manipulation, population control (ie, mass genocide) and redistribution of wealth and natural resources are just a few of their sick and twisted ideas.

By now, if you haven't figured out that COVID-19 is nothing more than the biggest Psychological Operation ever perpetrated on the world, you need to begin reading....immediately.

ONE flu case? ONE!!?? In the entire country?



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