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🎥 Cruz, Bongino Embarrass Stacey Abrams With Numbers


Cruz: The answer is African Americans had the highest registration and the highest turnout despite your claiming that the election was stolen and there was somehow voter suppression.

Bongino: You ever get the feeling you're getting played if you're a liberal?

You ever get that feeling? The Chauvin trial. The death of George Floyd was endlessly discussed in Liberal circles in terms of racism, yet racism never comes up at the trial, when there are actual facts, and criminal penalties on the line for misstating facts. Weird, right?

And yet when again you're under oath in some proceeding in the Senate as well, and you're asked to backup your case that Georgia is a racist state where blacks are being prevented from voting, and Ted Cruz shows that black turnout in Georgia is actually higher.

By the way, Stacey Abrams doesn't understand the difference between percentages and absolute numbers, very strange. She can't back that up.

Do you ever get the feeling when you’re a liberal, ever, when you wake up, that your whole life is a lie?

Because it is.

You just don't know anything.

Or you do know. You DO know a lot about a lot of things, and you're a liar, there's no option 3 or C.

Option A. You're a moron.

Option B. You're not a moron, but you're a liar.

Option C I'm just kidding, it doesn't exist.

Moron...., Liar.

Some people have emailed me and said no Dan there is an Option C both, maybe, maybe you moronic liar.



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