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'Delta' Hoax: COVID-19 Deaths Hit 16-Month Low

Despite fears about contagious new strains of the coronavirus floating around, deaths from COVID-19 are at a 16-month low, according to the latest data.

The establishment media loves a high body count. If you’ve never worked in a TV newsroom, you’ve never seen a media big shot’s eyes glaze over as he hears about a mass casualty event. It’s disgusting.

Thus far, the super-scary, mega-ominous delta variant has denied the establishment media’s empathy-free reporter, producers and directs mass graves and B-roll footage of body bags. The TV and print media spin machine is being foiled by science and medicine.

In fact, deaths from COVID-19 are still declining, despite all the fresh alarmism.

A graph shared on Twitter by Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff, which cited the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Research Center as its source, shows U.S. COVID deaths conspicuously peaked around the third week of January — which was right around the time of President Joe Biden’sinauguration.

But something else happened following that month: Deaths kept declining. In spite of the super-scary, mega-ominous delta variant and its cousin, the super-terrifying, mega-menacing lambda variant, reported fatalities from COVID are at a 16-month low.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s provisional information on cases and deaths shows the same trend shared by Johns Hopkins University and Kulldorff.

A CDC table that tracks reported COVID deaths in the U.S. shows clearly that fatalities have fallen to their lowest level since spring of last year, even though the country is seeing an uptick in reported cases and new variants.

The CDC tracked six deaths attributed to COVID in January 2020. By April of last year, 65,471 deaths had been linked to the pandemic.

In January of this year, according to the CDC, 104,904 Americans died from the coronavirus. In February, the agency attributed 47,313 deaths to the illness. That’s quite a drop, but it was only the beginning.

The number of monthly deaths continued to fall each month, including this month, as the delta variant took over news coverage — leading to talk of more lockdowns, a return of masks and the federal government essentially undercutting its own messaging on vaccine efficacy.

How deadly has July been, with respect to other months? It trails only February 2020, when 19 deaths were attributed to the coronavirus.

Through Friday, 4,054 deaths have been blamed on COVID this month — a big drop from 7,493 in June and the lowest since 7,159 deaths were reported in March 2020, the month in which the disease began its spread across the country and world.

While one death from any cause is too many, the pandemic is right now less deadly than it has been at any point since this nightmare began, and that statement isn’t speculative. It’s based purely on science and analytics.

People who mask-shame, watch left-wing CNN and virtue signal about their vaccine status often shout down their opposition, declaring those with whom they disagree to not be “scientists.” One doesn’t need to be a scientist to read a graph.

All available data shows that new efforts by Democrats to seemingly make masks a permanent part of life are based not on science but on a desire for power. The American left has relied for more than a year on people being afraid and compliant as they transform the country into a socialist cesspit where they can use COVID as a pretense to seize control of elections.

It’s challenging to see how those in charge can accomplish that feat if people simply look at the information proved by the scientists for themselves and behave accordingly. Then again, those pushing fear about new disease variants are the same people who are the gatekeepers of information.

Surely the country’s ruling party and the politicized CDC will find a way to keep amping up the alarmism.

But the numbers don’t support any assertion that we’re all in dire straits. They actually show the opposite.



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