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🦠 Facebook Fact-Checked Woman’s Post About Her COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects, Then She DIED

Originally Published by Evan James, Big League Politics

April 10, 2021

Facebook fact-checked a woman’s post about her adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine one week before she unexpectedly passed away.

Desiree Penrod

Desiree Penrod complained of multiple side effects on the evening of March 10:

The vaccine is killing me today. My arm hurts, beyond exhausted, headache, stomach cramps and earaches. Multiple people told me that I looked pale today. Yesterday, I was fine but today it’s taking a toll on me.”

Facebook then had the chutzpah to tag her post with the following disclaimer: “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved. Source: World Health Organization.”

The link to the post is here.

Below is a screenshot in case the post gets scrubbed:

As of this writing there are nearly 1,500 comments on Penrod’s post.

Many commenters have expressed their condolences while some are at each other’s throats over whether or not the vaccine side effects killed her.

Penrod’s obituary states that she passed away at home “unexpectedly” on March 17. She was only 25 years old and had been working as a preschool teacher.


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