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📺Fake Biden Caught on Video Fake Driving At MI Ford Plant.

Have you ever seen a Ford electronic pickup truck with ‘two’ steering wheels?

The Gateway Pundit raised the curtain yet again and exposed the ‘Fake President’ in front of the whole world through a video that proved that Biden was “fake driving at the MI Ford Plant.”

Fake Prez Joe Biden travelled to Dearborn, Michigan, for a promotional event at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center earlier this week. In his speech, the Gateway Pundit reported that “Biden promoted his highly unpopular $2 trillion infrastructure bill” in this event “that has nothing to do with the infrastructure that includes $174 billion to develop electric vehicles.

While everyone knows how many times he stumbled upon his words while delivering speeches, this event at Michigan was no exception. “Our own department of energy pioneered and transformed the “battery injury” while Barack and were in office,” Biden said.

After delivering the speech, Biden advanced towards the F-150 Lightning - Ford’s new electric car that they are designing in Michigan - and he pretended to drive away!

Once you watch the video below, you will notice that ‘the passenger is the driver, and the car has a second wheel.’

At the end of this video, as Biden turns the wheel to the right, the car doesn’t turn with the wheel. And if you consider this to be a hoax, then maybe Ford’s F-150 Lightning is showing a delay in response; however, there’s a zero probability of this happening. So, now you know, it was all a stunt!

Take a look back at the video of Biden fake driving while acting as a cool grandpa! This incident proves that even his handlers don’t trust him and do not allow him to drive.

Everything about Biden is a lie….



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