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🎞 Gen. Flynn: “Largest, Most Well-Executed Information War US Has Ever Been In”


Flynn: “incredible talent, you know especially analysts you have some really really high quality, analysts who are thoughtful and do superb research and frankly I you know I may have said this to you before or others, but I probably, you know I sort of coined the phrase “digital soldiers”, and in digital army, and I probably had the largest law firm in the world, ever, ever in the world and you know, fighting the deep state and fighting, you know our own government by, you know our own United States government institutions, The Department of Justice, the FBI, the intelligence community, the White House and in the case back before before Barack Obama left and a little bit actually during while I was there.

But because of these digital soldiers that existed around the, around the world but certainly in the United States and some really, really talented people came to our aid to analyze a lot of the information that was being put out about me. And they, they blocked and tackle for my family for over four years, and we use, we use a lot of the analytic comments that we got from various means, various social media means to include to include quad daarom to include you know the Twitterverse and, and, and, you know parlor when it stood up finally.

And definitely, Facebook and others I'm so we actually use that because it was people that were paying very very close attention to my case. And they were analyzing what they were seeing, and they knew stuff was not true, they just knew it, they people, people are not stupid. And, and certainly people that are paying attention to the world of information we are in probably the largest, most well executed information war that we've ever been in these these times that we're in are just totally unprecedented No, no one in this country can say oh we've been here before we have never been here before.

We have never been here before.


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