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🎥 ‘Get a Real F**kin’ Job!’: MSNBC Reporter Berated By Freedom Convoy Protesters

As martial law in Ottawa continues, only government-approved media sources have been allowed to report on the Freedom Convoy developments.

One of those media outlets is MSNBC, whose reporter Glen McGregor was surrounded by Freedom Convoy protesters who mocked and berated him for being Fake News over the weekend.

McGregor was unable to hide his frustration as he was constantly interrupted by angry protesters shouting things like “Liars!” while he tried to “report” on the Freedom Convoy.

“Being harassed, screamed at, as you can hear,” he said, trying to ignore the cacophony of ridicule.

“The one thing that unites these groups that have been protesting here in Ottawa for the last three weeks is the way they feel about the media,” he continued.

“And they are venting it loudly and often as you can tell, so we apologize they’re not kind of the kinder, gentler Canada you may be used to seeing,” McGregor added as a protester shouted “Liar!” right next to him.

“You’re a real true hero, bud,” one protester told McGregor.

“Fuckin’ sleazebags! Get a real fucking job!” another shouted. “Fuckin’ sacks of goddamn shit!”

At that point, McGregor lamented that he “lost the audio feed.”

“Who pays your checks?” another protester said.

“The media is the virus! You guys are disgusting,” yet another told the reporter.

McGregor smeared the protesters on Twitter, claiming the protesters “mobbed” him and “chased us down the street.”

“I was doing a live hit with MSNBC this afternoon when our crew was mobbed. One guy actually spit at us, others called us Nazis. MSNBC had to cut it off almost after it began. Then they chased us down the street to our bureau,” he tweeted Saturday.

As one user on Twitter quipped, “the berating will continue until journalism improves.”

Meanwhile, independent journalists and citizen reporters have been harassed by riot police and barred from reporting on the draconian situation in Ottawa.

SOURCE: InfoWars


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