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🚨Ghislaine Maxwell is the Real News - Rittenhouse Was Simply a Distraction By The Mainstream Media

Rose McGowan has one question....."Do You Understand?"

The Kyle The Rittenhouse trial was a media sensation. Prior to the actual trial, the media was laser-focused on the case and spent a lot of time “framing” the messaging and spreading a lot of disinformation about what really happened that night in Kenosha during the BLM/Antifa riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The media twisted the story to suit a narrative that wanted to run with: young Kyle Rittenhouse was a “white nationalist” Trump supporter who was at the “protest” to kill people who supported Black Lives Matter. They spent over a year spreading this message and managed to convince a lot of people this, by repeatedly airing outright lies.

And in the end, Kyle Rittenhouse’s actual story was told to a jury, and they found him innocent on all charges.

But actress and activist Rose McGowan has a problem with how the Rittenhouse trial was sensationalized.

She calls it a “distraction.”

Her point is that the Rittenhouse case was live-streamed, for everyone to watch – from start to finish.

The trial was covered on the media 24/7. It trended on Twitter and Facebook for two weeks… It was the “case of the year,” because the left wanted to set their narrative.

Meanwhile, a case that matters far more, to a lot more people, and has caused much more damage and pain is going completely unnoticed by most everyone.

It’s the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and you probably don’t even realize that it’s ongoing as we speak



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