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Heartlanders vent as the hits keep coming

Flyover folk seethe with every new revelation of duplicity.

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.

Because the anger of middle Americans had yet to reach the point of no return Joe Biden doubled down on his ridiculous decrees by executive order. A national leftist publication admits to a coup between politicians and corporations to overthrow President Trump. One alt-left progressive cried wolf one too many times.This week, heartlanders reached a boiling point.

No One Can Say China Virus, Damnit!

Sitting at a record number of executive decrees — 28 executive orders, four substantive proclamations, ten presidential memoranda, and two letters rejoining both the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, Mr. Biden snuck in another gem. No federal documents or employees can say “China Virus.” Yes, it is an earth-shattering edict designed to make people embrace Asians instead of blaming them for COVID-19. Unlike the Spanish Flu or the Swine Flu, the alphabet influenzas aren’t xenophobic. So why would Americans blame China for the lingering pandemic?

Scientific American has a theory:

“Such new strains produced by reassortment are often seen initially in China and Southeast Asia because people, birds, and pigs live in close, often crowded conditions.”

Well, the wet market and an undercooked bat didn’t help either. Of course, no heartlander is going to comply with this specific demand from the Biden administration. “He sure is making the world a better place,” says William Myers of Beaver Falls, PA. And Liz Hubbell from the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico) offered, “China FREAKING Virus,” somewhat repeatedly. One of America’s most treasured presidents, Ronald Reagan, and his intrepid transition team had a motto as they advanced on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: “When in doubt, undo.” Perhaps Mr. Biden is taking Reagan’s notion a wee bit too far while sharpie scrawling stack upon stack of executive edicts and rubbing half of the electorate the wrong way.

The Fix WAS In

Typical of a boastful winner, laying claim to orchestrating a victory involving the American voter’s absolute hoodwinking, one national publication decided it was time to tell folks how 2020 was stolen. Time Magazine lauds the efforts in a full-blown and detailed analysis:

“For more than a year, a loosely organized coalition of operatives scrambled to shore up America’s institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a remorseless pandemic and an autocratically inclined President.”

The piece is full of names and alliances that should frighten Americans into waking up – the arrogance of what is written is beyond the pale. They call what has been done “fortifying” democracy. Fly over folks are enraged. In Lakeland, WI, Tony Jordan claimed: “So it was all rigged, and Trump was right. We live in a banana republic.” And patriot Jennifer Jacobs McCarthy advises, “When corruption is so deeply ingrained that the corrupt have no problem admitting it publicly, knowing that nothing will happen to them.”

The gall of co-conspirators against this country’s people is appalling: The fate of the union is less secure today than ever, and the danger is within this nation’s borders.

This Girl Seems To Fib A Lot

The mouthy gal from Queens is on the keyboard tips of social media voyeurs’ fingers once again. This time, as in every time, for making up stories to get press coverage. Twitter trolls are dubbing her “Alexandria Ocasio Smollett” and hashtagging “AOC Lied.” This time the attacks are linked to her tearful accounts of being under siege during the breaching of the Capitol — When she wasn’t remotely on the same block for fear of being exposed to thousands of Trump supporters. She then had the audacity – after news coverage was stalling – to come up with: “You Almost Had Me Murdered,” blaming Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the capitol skirmish.

No one but her Kool-aid kid friends bought her schtick. Robyn Flinchum, North Carolina, advised the ever-censuring legislature: “Accusing a Senator of attempted murder when she wasn’t even there, she should be fired on the spot.” Arizonan Shawn Mascarenas went a tad further:

“She politicized a tragic event to perpetuate racism and got caught! How often does she lie about stuff like this and not get caught? The people she influences, based on her lies, create division. She needs to be held accountable for trying to push a narrative of racial insurrection now that she has been outed.”

But the left is in power, a cabal of interests snuck behind America’s back and basically derailed with impunity the will of the people, and until 2022, patriots and conservatives should perhaps hold their ground and not be “all in this together” with the left under these circumstances.



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