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How Many More Have to Die Because of COVID Lies?

October 5, 2021

Marc Elliot Pilcher Died at 53

Remember, if you are doubly or triply vaccinated you won’t catch the Covid. Right? WRONG!!

The latest lefty to succumb to the false assurances from Biden and his team of medical mediocrities is Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Award-winning hair and makeup designer/stylist, Marc Elliot Pilcher. He was only 53.

He was not grotesquely obese nor, according to the NY Post, afflicted with the co-morbidities that have been fatal to hundreds of thousands. Was it the maskless Emmy Ceremony that he attended recently that did him in (See Cristina’s post here)? The initial reports of his death by Covid were mute about his vaccination status. Now we know. A guy with two vaccines still got Covid – and then died.

That is not how a genuine vaccine is supposed to work. If you take the vaccine for measles, polio or smallpox you do not get measles, polio or smallpox. But the number of people getting Covid notwithstanding having a couple of jabs is growing and it is alarming.

Pilcher’s death should not be treated as a statistical anomaly. Just look at the recent stories posted at Gateway Pundit highlighting the death or serious illness of vaccinated people:

Israel and the UK, two of the countries with the greatest percent of vaccinated citizens, are battling a new wave of Covid infections. Most of these new cases are people with jabs.

Here’s the UK data:

And here is Israel:

Contrast what is happening in the UK and Israel with India. Only 18.2% of Indians are fully vaccinated. But India has not been ravaged by a new wave of Covid infections. One of the big reasons is the widespread use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. India is not known for great sanitation, clean drinking water or social distancing. Here is its chart of daily cases:

The VAERS data is a flashing red light that should alarm health care professionals (VAERS is the acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

  • Almost two times as many people have died from Covid affects world wide in the last eleven months as died from all other vaccines in the 31 years that VAERS data has been collected (14,925 vs 9,001).

  • There have been 701,561 adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines in eleven months. All other vaccines combined since 1990 reported 820,671.

You can no longer trust U.S. Government health care “experts” to tell the truth about the vaccines. How many deaths from an adverse reaction must we toll until the political leaders come out of their self-induced coma and start dealing with actual science? My wife and I are firm–no more jabs.


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