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How The US Government Looted Its Own Citizens

February 13, 2022

As the average American wakes up from their slumber, feeling like they’re in Venezuela, know you aren’t alone. Our ruling class has spent decades getting high off our money supply while the rest of us worked to survive. We woke up to inflation nation, and before I go any further, I want to make sure we don’t lose sight of what inflation means.

By definition, inflation is an increase in the money supply. We hear inflation used to describe rising prices, but I want to clarify what it means. When used as a term to describe an increase in prices, our corrupt politicians like to blame “greedy” business practices. No, no, no. We aren’t letting politicians off the hook. Too much liquidity paired with a service economy that doesn’t produce goods, instead of importing them since we ship our jobs overseas, has our hard-earned money losing value daily.

The average American makes less today than last year every time they head into work.

Our ruling class is driving America to the brink of collapse. The 2008 financial crisis will look like a walk in the park compared to where we are heading. Instead of allowing our economy to recover, politicians and the Fed decided to continue to flood the economy with cheap money instead of coming clean with the American people. The coming crash will devastate our country.

Politicians refuse to stop feeding at the trough, instead likely crashing the U.S. dollar. It is hard to believe that such recklessness is simply due to incompetence. It seems more of a concerted effort between ruling elites to crash the dollar and give rise to another form of fiat currency. While the U.S. continues to decline and bow down to the Chinese Communist Party, the rise of a new global power and a new world order seems imminent.

People are flocking to cryptocurrency, gold, and real assets as they try to salvage the value of the dollars they have. During this time of massive instability and uncertainty, I urge readers to look up different options that might make sense for them.

The genuinely moral crime is the devastation we have bestowed on future generations. Most mainstream economists and political pundits talk about finance and economies in convoluted terms to scare the average person into digging in too deep. Precisely our disinterest in understanding what the monetary policy our leaders engaged in has gotten us to where we are now. Citizens must be active participants in our country’s future.

That means we ought to start caring about who we elect and do our due diligence to understand economic and public policy. There is a worker revolt happening worldwide for those who are sick of the status quo and ready to shake up the corrupt system.

I have shaped guests’ experiences for the better part of almost two decades. Representing NV01 in Congress will be the honor of a lifetime. I have worked shoulder to shoulder with those I am running to represent, and their futures will be at the forefront of my mind while I fight every day against those who want to radically transform our nation.

The era of the worker, the outsider, and those who don’t belong has arrived. America’s political landscape is changing. I look forward to fighting for legislation that will answer to the people and empower them. My priority is to audit the Federal Reserve Bank, fire Fauci, get to the bottom of Nov 3rd, and build the wall. Our leaders have destroyed our families and future generations with careless policies, and our people deserve honesty and solutions.

Carolina Serrano led the Latinos For Trump outreach effort for President Donald J. Trump in Nevada and is now running for US Congress in Nevada’s First Congressional District.



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