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🟨 I THOUGHT I Was Awake: When you know something isn't right, yet you're still asleep

March 8, 2023

This week’s story reminds me of my own journey. It’s like the intro on the MG show says… “you know something’s wrong, you just don’t know what it is. It’s like a splinter in your mind.”

The problem is, when you’re still in that state, you haven’t made any changes. You’re still doing the bare minimum, or less, while trying to live with that splinter.

But then one day, something happens that opens your eyes. That’s the day you begin to put forth more effort to discover what the hell that splinter is all about.

Before long, you realize how infected and painful that splinter has become and you’ll do anything to remove it. So you seek God, you dig, you research, you get informed, and you discuss your horrific findings with others.

Before long you figure out, that one can only discover a slice of truth, by sifting through many piles of lies that we’ve been told our entire lives… and still being told every day.

Then finally, comes that much needed epiphany, and you say to yourself,

“Oh my… they’ve lied to me about everything my entire life.”

Congratulations! You’re now AWAKE! You have reached the point of no return. You will never be able to return to “The Matrix” and keep your sanity again. Ain’t it great?! hahahaha...

And that’s exactly why so many of us can relate to Dianne’s GREAT AWAKENING story. Enjoy!


I Thought I Was Awake

by Deanna Kay

My father taught me about the Illuminati growing up. It was a bit over my head, but it got me hooked on the possible reality that powerful people were pulling global strings behind the scenes.

In my scariest dreams, I never imagined how dark and sinister these forces could actually be. As a conservative, raised in a conservative family, and having an analytic mind, I was able to recognize, even as a young person, how biased towards the left the news media was during the Reagan years.

It was clear to me that the reporters were critical of the president and all things conservative/republican oriented. Even in non-political reports, it was easy to recognize how the reporters were promoting liberal/democrat values and demeaning the conservative/republican values.

Fast forward to 2015-16. There were too many conservative candidates to choose from in the running. So, I did the only thing I could do, pray for God’s wisdom and direction in my choosing.

For a very long time, I thought that our nation would be better off with a president who had been a businessman.  A businessman would know how to manage the country as a business rather than as political playpen (thank you Dave, the movie!). However, I wasn’t sure about Donald Trump. I wasn’t impressed with his celebrity image, nor with his previous left-leaning political view expressions.

But then I had two dreams where I saw Donald Trump, in church, participating in worship. I wondered if God was telling me something. Not long after having these dreams I heard from a Christian minister that Donald Trump had recently given his life to the Lord! So, I listened to what Trump had to say, and became more and more impressed with his message to save America.

After Trump won the presidency, I began feeling hope for the good of this nation. But hope was soon crippled with the hampering of the Trump-Russian collusion accusations dominating the news cycle. Finding myself in the midst of debating democrats, by whom I was surrounded, discouraged and dampened my spirit.

Then one day, an online friend introduced me to Q, that talked about how President Trump was part of a military operation takedown of what came to be known as “the Deep State” aka the Cabal, aka The Swamp. For the first time since the brief period America came together after 9-11, I finally felt hope, real hope, that everything was going to be all right.

I took a deep dive into the Q posts, found some Q decoders to explain “the drops,” and learned to make sense out of what they called ‘the rabbit hole.’ Like so many others, I came to learn how extensive the behind-the-scenes globalist network and control actually was.  I had already deduced on my own that Obama had been propped up by the news media from the night he won his Illinois Senate election. I had observed and analyzed for decades how the entertainment industry had become the cultural Pied Piper, leading our morality in a downward spiral. Despite these understandings, I was still blown away by the revelations passing before my eyes.

Of course, I had to learn the hard lesson of not gobbling down every claim passed around the plate. Some “conspiracy theories,” I came to realize, were controlled opposition meant to distract digital warriors, to take us down wasteful rabbit holes, and make our movement look stupid.  Who can forget how a poster who called himself “R” nearly split us apart?

Never give up your discernment… even among allies.

Then Q dropped the ‘Podesta art’ deep dive. The revelations that came out of this left me in sorrowful shock for at least a month. This war suddenly turned from political to spiritual. Now I truly understood why Holy Spirit gave me those two dreams.

Meanwhile, I tried my hand at “red pilling” my friends on Facebook, but that fell flat, even among conservatives. I attempted my hand in the Twitterverse, but my efforts failed. You know those battle scenes where there is always that passionate idiot who rushes headlong into battle, only to be taken down in the first volley? Of course, this was before I learned about the bots!

However, I found my replies to Tweets getting liked by others. So at least I found where my efforts seemed to be best served – supporting other “Anons.” Maybe, hopefully, when the mass population finally realizes the truth and reality of the mass psychosis they’ve been put under, I will be among those who will help pull them through their dismay and confusion.

Sadly, maintaining hope was not the smooth sailing I had envisioned it would be. We all had nail-biting moments with the two Trump impeachment hearings. Going through the 2020 election defeat was horribly difficult.

Collectively we learned that we had misinterpreted the Q drops. “You have to show them” meant we had to be subjected to dark times ahead with the Presidential office and Congress back under the full control of the Deep State. During this time, I personally suffered great loss when two close family members died as a direct result of the lockdown mess and hospital Covid rules.

It is now February 2023. While there are signs of a turn-around, for example, from the Twitter Files and the current GOP-led congressional hearings, it is clear that too many people are still caught in the spell.

And so, the information war continues. God bless the fighters. God bless those who encourage us to keep hope alive. God bless Q, President Trump, General Flynn, Durham and the rest on the forefront. God bless you. God bless America. America, bless God!

You can thank this Patriot for their inspiring story here:

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