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🟨 Those Who Didn't Temper Expectations Fail To Understand Trump & The Art of War

November 16, 2022

What did you expect last night? The Military to bust-in through the walls of Mar-A-Lago like the Kool Aid Man?

Maybe Trump and Mike Lindell staging a feature-length infomercial for Space Force Election Fraud monitoring services?

Expected the “big reveal”?

In all seriousness, are we really surprised that "nothing" of overt significance to Anons and Truthers took place down at Mar-A-Lago?

Besides those completely new to Q and the truth of the ongoing Military operations, the rest of us should well-know not to set any expectations of dates and their associated events. Those who have been on this journey long enough have learned to take each "precipice" with a grain of salt. Don't get too high, don't get too low. Exercise discernment at all times and always use the 24 hour rule before jumping to any emotionally-driven conclusions.

Last night was certainly a "precipice" event. And, while many are looking to abandon ship today, the wise Patriots are rightfully reminding us that a rush to judgement is a major mistake.

@SummerSeas on Telegram wrote a brilliant analysis on Telegram that perfectly sums up what many missed last night - I could not agree more with the sentiment:

"Tonight was bigger than you think. Our expectations were way too high so it's harder to see how big it was. But let's walk down the logical brick road tonight.

Did you know Trump's speech was aired almost in its entirety on CNN, CSPAN and Fox News? Who watches those networks? Not us. We don't trust the MSM.

So Trump has new eyeballs on him. What was he supposed to do? Come out in loud, aggressive fashion in front of D's who were already brainwashed to believe Trump was a madman?

Instead he comes out calm, collected, thoughtful and not attacking in ANY way. This is a marketing tactic called "pattern interruption." People expect to see you perform one way so they already have preset rebuttals for what they THINK you're going to do.

But you come out a completely DIFFERENT way and confuse them...they didn't "game plan" for that. So instead of Trump looking like a raging maniac that the MSM pushed to their sheep, Trump looks shockingly sane.

And guess what? He spoke for a whole hour and hasn't stuttered and stumbled once. No slurred speech. No forgotten thoughts or sentences that started in one way and ended up no where.

This is important...because the people who watch the MSM are used to seeing 2 years of dementia. Now they circle back to Trump for the first time in probably 2 years and hear his voice very differently.

Since CNN was watching, no mention of election fraud. Did Trump sell out? No. He has to keep the cameras rolling. He mentions stolen elections, and the cameras go off, the new people don't hear the rest of Trumps words.

And what's Trump saying? He's saying the SAME THING he said and warned them about on the campaign trail. Back then they thought he was they know he was always telling the truth.

He just won a larger audience of voters now. But this is only the beginning..."

This is the textbook definition of a well-versed Anon using discernment and exercising critical thinking. We all know by now that NOTHING is what it seems. Disinformation is necessary and OPTICS are important. That's what we witnessed last night.

Did anyone even NOTCE what Trump said, specifically? Did anyone realize they were blinded by their own assumptions, raw emotion and the media hype?

When emotions run high, we don't think clearly. We miss the clues that are right in front of us.

He did NOT announce his run for 2024. Forget the pomp, forget the sign on the podium. It is all about Trump's words.

Though many still don't realize it, EVERY word that comes out of President Trump's mouth is EXTREMELY calculated. Even when he appears to be "ranting", he is executing a very carefully-crafted and precise message.

This time was no different.


"I am announcing tonight my candidacy for President of The United States."

What's missing from this statement? That's right - the year - "2024." Folks, NOTHING has changed because of what took place last night.

In the late hours of last night, I penned a few comments to my followers on Telegram. While they may appear a bit disjointed and rambling in nature in the body of a blog, I stand by what I said:

"Step away and use the 24 hour rule if needed. Nothing has changed from yesterday other than your assumptions about tonight.

Rest. Regroup. Refresh.

Continue the fight tomorrow.

That speech was LOADED with comms.

And they weren’t about President Trump’s plans post-inauguration in January of 2025. They were what will happen “QUICKLY” (how many times did he say that word tonight?) in 2023!

This is a WAR people. Would you prefer to be in the trenches dodging bullets for 5 years like our grandparents and great grandparents in WWI & II?

Yea. We’re all broke, tired and sick.

Yea. Our family and friends all think we are crazy.

What’s the alternative? I’m waiting for anyone to suggest a viable option ⏰??

You’re all threatening to be “done with this”?

And then what?

It's incredible that people are bitching that they have to continue fighting a digital war from their $1500 iPhones while sitting on their couches.

And they’re doing it in the presence of so many of our great military veterans.

How embarrassing.

And we wonder why this isn’t over yet. 🤦🏻‍♂️"

A bit harsh? Yes. Untrue? Absolutely Not. If you have the time and the patience, rewatch last night's speech and pay close attention. As @FreeBird said on Telegram:

"My fellow citizens, America's comeback, starts right Now!! and also Help is on the way. America's Golden age is just ahead!! He said a lot.... Go back and listen again!! Melania's outfit...dark to light!! Trump has never lied to us, LEARN to READ him!!"

Lin Wood chimed in around 1am on Telegram and echoed much of the same sentiment:

Tonight’s announcement speech from Mar-A-Lago was in many respects a low-key repetition of the basic fiery stump speech that President Trump has delivered at his Save America rallies over the last few months. But unlike those speeches, FOX News broadcast tonight’s speech live. FOX (Faux) News has not broadcast the Save America speeches.
What other coverage did his Mar-A-Lago speech tonight receive???
Can we agree that tonight’s speech received much more extensive coverage than his Save America speeches??? Did many more people hear President Trump’s TRUTH about America tonight than had heard it before tonight???
And WOW, his demeanor tonight was much more like that of a President than that of a candidate!!!
Do you really believe President Trump believes our republic can survive under the character Bribes until January 20, 2025???
Don’t give up on President Trump and the “very good” generals in the United States Military.
I certainly have not!!!

Rest assured folks, things are not what they seem.

All right, Patriots.... I KNOW many of you have lost your shit tonight. I also understand it and why.
I will be working on a major decode on all this tonight, but I want to make a couple of points to make this very clear.
1. He said, and I quote, "I'm announcing my candidacy for President of the United States...."..
Period... NO 2024 was mentioned in that statement. Please don't read something in that wasn't there.
2. Don't forget people.... MILLIONS are watching this that have not been watching rallies.
Remember too, the entire World's media is there covering it. People hearing what they need to hear that the media has not covered, to the biggest audience ever.
3. Trump announced he’s running, so they can’t arrest him.
4. Events are coming and have to happen. The focus is back on him. They can no longer silence him.
And, we know the Scare Event must happen. It's ramping up rapidly as you have seen for weeks, and in particular today in our posts.
5. In the Original US Constitution, derived from the 1777 Articles Of Confederation, and as discussed here again today, Inauguration Day is March 4. We know we are going back to rhe Original US Constitution after it all goes down.
6. If our movement is freaking out...can you imagine what the [ds] is doing and how emboldened they'll be now thinking they have more time and committing more treasonous acts for all to see?
And finally - He said in the very beginning of his speech the country will not make it to 2024. MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.
Good grief. CALM DOWN.

And finally, Derek Johnson (@RattleTrap1776 on Telegram) chimed in with a quick reminder from the Military and Continuity of Government perspective:

Here’s the PsyOps:
President Trump looks content to move forward, forgetting and not talking about 2020…
Generals and Military step in and it doesn’t look like he did so or commanded it.
Those National Guard aren’t out of their states for nothing…
Trust the Laws and Orders in place and visuals that show the Military Occupancy is taking place.
Anyone who debates Laws, Regulations, and Orders visually operating… the same every soldier swore in under… are POS’. As President Trump said, too many people still do not understand what’s happening and what giving the power back to the people means.
Those Soldiers aren’t active for nothing. Patience. 🇺🇸

Always pay close attention to the Presidents words. Always pay attention to the optics. He does not play videos like this one before rallies for no reason:


"It", will happen when we least expect it. When THEY least expect it…

Stay Strong Patriots. Do NOT even THINK about backing down. EVER.

🇺🇸 Do NOT forget everything you have learned along this journey.

🇺🇸 Do NOT disgrace the Patriots and our incredible Military that is still in harms way.

🇺🇸 Do NOT discount the great sacrifices that YOU have made to take this journey.

🇺🇸 Do NOT forget what you know to be true, just because reality didn't match your assumptions and expectations. NO one told us that they knew, with any certainty, what would actually happen last night.

If you expected more, you're missing The Art of War. Temper your expectations. Exercise patience and discernment.

Take this lesson, file it away and live to fight another day.

What other option do you have??

Slow down. Breathe. Step away for a bit if you're allowing emotion to cloud your discernment and critical thinking. We've been here before. We know The Plan.

Nothing has changed. NOTHING Can Stop What is Coming.



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