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🎥 Is the Media Narrative on Putin Accurate? Just How Much Have They Lied About?

March 10, 2022

“Vladimir Putin strolls to town…”

Watch this clip of Putin holding a meeting with the Owners of a major factory in Russia. The owners were subsequently laying off 1,000s of workers only to lace their pockets with millions of dollars. In the town of Pikalevo, a struggling factory town where families had been venting their anger over job losses and unpaid wages. Putin stopped by the Board Room of the factory owners after an angry protest caused a 250 mile long traffic jam.

Sound familiar? Do Major U.S. Company Board Members do the same?? Screw the worker to make themselves rich!?!?

Anyways, Russia & the Russian People needed this factory. So the Owners had a little visit from Vladimir Putin.

🎥Watch this video, watch how Putin famously tells one of the richest men in the World to…

“Give me my pen back.” 🤣 Then tell me what you think of Putin.

Oh and Putin says Russia will have this factory running with or without you (tells that to the owners)

SOURCE: Telegram/@TruthSkrilla


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