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🎥Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Calls Into Newsmax – Guards Have Not Given His Cancer Drugs in 166 Days!

August 24, 2021

Chris Worrell

Chris Worrell has been held for over five months after firing pepper spray during the chaos on January 6, which he says was aimed at people who he believed to be Antifa who were targeting police.

Worrell has been denied bail since March 12 — and has been shipped around from Florida, to Oklahoma, to Virginia, and now finally DC.

He has been subjected to horrific conditions including a lack of water for sometimes up to seven hours and contracted COVID on top of his non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

The proud and patriotic American is now severely at risk of dying from COVID or metastasizing cancer advancing while being denied bail. Chris has been denied his cancer medication by DC leftist authorities for 166 days.

His doctor, Dr. Bino Rucker, M.D., signed an affidavit that was included in an earlier motion saying that “[c]ontinuing confinement at the federal detention center presents a substantial risk of serious infection to Mr. Worrell and his transfer to home confinement would significantly decrease the risk to his health in connection with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”The jail has been denying Worrell the medications prescribed by Dr. Rucker.

“Mr. Worrell has suffered aggravating symptoms of his cancer, including lymphomas of the skin on his face. The lesions are often itchy, scaly, and red to purple – appearing in different parts of the skin and increase Mr. Worrell’s COVID infection risk,” the motion says.

Worrell had travelled to DC with his girlfriend on January 6 to hear then-President Donald Trump speak and exercise their right to freely protest the 2020 presidential election.

Due to the violence from the left that has been inflicted upon Trump supporters in public since 2016, Worrell wore a protective vest lined with plastic and legally carried a small bottle of pepper spray for protection.

Following the Stop the Steal rally, Worrell followed the crowd of thousands of people to Capitol Hill to protest. The situation was peaceful at first, but escalated when people began to push against the police barriers to get into the Capitol building.

Worrell never entered the building.

In videos he recorded on the scene, Worrell can repeatedly be heard calling for peace. One of the clips from his phone captures him telling an officer that he was “not coming through,” when he accidentally bumped into a barricade trying to back away from the situation.

During the chaos, Worrell saw people that he believed to be Antifa pushing towards the police. He maintains that he discharged his pepper spray towards the people he believed to be leftist agitators, to protect the officers. The government claims that he was trying to spray the police, but have not offered any evidence to back this up. Eventually, they conceded that the government “do[es] not currently know with certainty the target at which Worrell was spraying.”

The government has not offered any victim who was harmed or sustained injuries by the pepper spray

When a large portion of the crowd broke through the police line and entered the building, Worrell left.

A warrant was issued for Worrell on March 12 and the FBI raided his home, but he was away on a camping trip. The FBI had his girlfriend call him and direct him to turn himself in. He immediately ended his trip and drove home, calling the FBI every 30 minutes during the ride to check in as instructed.

When he got home, he was arrested and his cell phone was seized. Worrell was fully cooperative, even providing the agents with his password.

Since then, Worrell has been denied bail while others who actually went inside have been granted it, despite his fragile medical condition.

Chris Worrell called into Greg Kelly Reports on Wednesday night from prison. He has not been given his cancer medicine for 166 days. The leftists in DC want him dead.

Chris Worrell ended the segment saying EVERY NIGHT the 30 political prisoners sing the US National Anthem in their jail pod.

He asked Americans to join him.


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