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John 🎥 Kerry Blames Frigid Temperatures and Record Cold on 'Global Warming'

Joe Biden’s Special Climate Envoy John Kerry said that the record cold temperatures we are seeing are because of global warming.

Kerry, who flies on private jets, owns a mega yacht and several mansions, said that we only have 9 years left to save the planet from a catastrophe.

Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord on Friday and John Kerry said it is still not aggressive enough to prevent catastrophe.

According to Kerry, “global warming” is now “global weirding” since he is unable to explain why frigid temperatures took Texas hostage this week.

Kerry said the ice age is actually coming from global warming.


John Kerry is so concerned about “man-made global warming” that he took a gas-guzzling private jet to accept a climate award in Iceland.

When confronted about flying in a private jet, pompous Kerry said, it’s “the only choice for someone like me.”

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.....



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