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JUNK JOURNALISM: WashPost Says Vaccine Skepticism is Fueling Violent Militias

As per Washington Post, if you don’t want to take the vaccine, then you will very likely blow up federal buildings like Timothy McVeigh. And this counts as ‘news.’ Apparently, Washington Post holds more left-wing opinion posts rather than what one might call ‘news’ – in the news section itself.

Razzan Nakhlawi, a reporter, “writes a polemic designed to malign those who resist the current vaccine mandates. She does so by trying to provide an almost non-existent link and connection to violent militia groups.”

Nakhlawi’s opinion is now presented as ‘facts’ and expresses her need to group militia and anti-vaxxers together. To achieve this, she took one random person and quoted him with, “we’re all coming together.”

In the next paragraph, she added, “Far-right groups across the nation have aligned themselves with those opposed to masks and vaccines, seeking new allies around the issue of “medical freedom” while appearing to downplay their traditional focus on guns, belief in the tyranny of the federal government and calls by some for violent resistance.”


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