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🎥 Lindell on War Room Lays Out Daily Schedule of What to Expect at Much Anticipated Cyber Symposium

Popular Trump supporter and MyPillow owner and founder Mike Lindell joined Steve Bannon Monday on The War Room the day before his much anticipated Cyber Symposium this week.

Mike’s symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will take place August 10-12 starting at 9 AM Central time.

The Gateway Pundit is sending two reporters to cover this historic event.

On Monday Mike Lindell told Steve the symposium will cover 25 states on Tuesday, 25 states on Wednesday and a recap on Thursday.

Mike Lindell, “I would recommend we melt down the voting machines and use them as prison bars.”

Lindell, “On the stage, 200 politicians will be here, we will have a whole page on all the states. We are going to start on the east coast and go across the country like they do on election night… You can go to Frank Speech every day.”

Mike Lindell, “We are going to have 5 people on the panel. We are hoping we get you up there. Some of the states we won’t spent much time on. Dr. Frank’s up there we’re going to show you what they did with the 2010 census… Right below me is a cyber center. You can go up there at any time and put in a county and you’re going to find out what the real count is… Anybody here can do that. On the last day I want those cyber guys to say – this data correctly correlates what the data says. We are going to bring them out and question the cyber guys. ‘What do you think?'”


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