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Lindell’s Symposium Hit with Cyber Attack — Shut Down — But Backup Plan Kicks In

Mike Lindell announced this morning that the symposium was already under cyber attack.

The event had a backup plan, the program was delayed but will continue.

Mike also said there is a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT today at 7 PM, Central Time, CST.

CodeMonkeyZ, Ron Watkins, is at the conference and made a similar announcement earlier this morning.

Already Ron has posted several explosive items.

** (8:24) Mike Lindell is going to have a big announcement at around 7pm tonight local Sioux Falls, South Dakota, central time.

You can watch Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium at

** (8:28) A while back, I was asked to join the RED TEAM to scrutinize Mike Lindell’s Pcaps.

** (8:36) I am not sure of the timeslot/scheduling for the Cyber Symposium, but I am on standby to potentially call in via videolink to join a panel.

** (8:41) I’m not sure about everything that is planned for the cyber symposium, but I do know there is a huge announcement at 7pm CST.

Don’t miss the 7pm announcement.



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