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🎥 Loy Brunson Discusses Next Steps After SCOTUS Declines To Hear 2020 Election Certification Case

Updated: Jan 24

January 11, 2023

[NT Commentary]: We all knew this case was a long shot at face value. I don't think too many people actually expected the Supreme Court to take any further action, when they too are a captured operation. By choosing not to take a case that centers around the protection of the Constitution and their own oaths, they have again violated an oath. This lack of action demonstrates what we already know: That all THREE branches of the Government are captured and compromised. The military has now successfully "shown" the public and established this precedent. The case has further been cemented for the Military to step in and take corrective measures to protect the continuity of the Republic.

We are watching a movie. The military IS in control of a Devolved Federal Government under Continuity of Government Laws and by way of a Suspended US Constitution. The drama playing out with the Brunson case is merely another part of the reverse propaganda being used to wake up the masses. How the rest of this plays out, only about 10 people in the world know the whole truth. Buckle up, because we are about to find out.

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