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🎥 Medical Professional Whistleblowers Expose Houston Methodist Hospital’s Early Covid Mandates

February 6, 2023

by Jim Hoft | The Gateway Pundit

On Sunday, Five-time Emmy Award winner Sharyl Attkisson aired an investigation on her show Full Measure in which she spoke with former employees of Houston Methodist Hospital, the first hospital in the country to implement a mandatory Covid vaccine policy.

On March 31, 2021, Houston Methodist Hospital became the first hospital system in the United States to mandate vaccination for all employees.

According to NEJM, “Two percent of employees and physicians were exempted for medical or religious reasons, 158 employees without exemptions were terminated for failure to comply, and one employed physician chose to resign. A small group of former employees raised a legal challenge to this mandate, which was summarily dismissed by U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, who stated in his ruling, “Methodist is trying to do their business of saving lives without giving them the Covid-19 virus. It is a choice made to keep staff, patients, and their families safer.””

On Sunday’s episode of Full Measure, Attkisson interviewed a group of seasoned doctors and nurses who got suspended and ultimately terminated for refusing to comply and question the unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate.

One of the many doctors who has spoken out against Methodist Hospital is Dr. Venu Julapalli.

Dr. Julapalli created an email group with over a thousand of his colleagues to debate and discuss the risks of the COVID vaccine. He said that many of his colleagues would only feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with him in private.

“The level of fear among our colleagues, among the medical staff in terms of expressing their opinion, whatever it was, because they were afraid that they were going to be retaliated against by the institution. Houston Methodist was off the charts and continues to be off the charts,” Dr. Julapalli told Attkisson.

Like Dr. Julapalli, oncologist and hematologist Dr. Mary Crow “lost privileges to practice medicine” at Methodist Hospital for refusing the vaccine.

“You have the right to put up your hand and say, what the hell is going on here? Please explain this to me and not risk obliteration of your personal and professional life,” said Dr. Crow.

Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist, was also suspended from Methodist Hospital.

The Gateway Pundit reported in November 2021 that Houston Methodist health officials began investigating and suspended Dr. Bowden for spreading “dangerous misinformation” about Covid-19 and promoting the efficacy of ivermectin, prompting the physician to resign from the hospital.

The hospital excoriated Bowden for “using her social media accounts to express her personal opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments,” NBC News reports. The suspension barred the physician from admitting or treating patients at the hospital.

Bowden repeatedly warned that it is “wrong” to mandate the experimental mRNA vaccines and continuously touted Ivermectin as a safe and effective treatment amid threats from public health officials against prescribing the drug.

“I’ve tested over 80,000 people for COVID and that’s what first alerted me to what was going on, because we keep track of who’s vaccinated and who’s not,” Bowden told Attkisson.

According to Dr. Bowden, more vaccinated people were testing positive and sicker than the unvaccinated.

“And the patients who were vaccinated and testing positive were just as sick, if not sickered, than the ones that weren’t. And eventually, I saw more vaccinated patients testing positive than unvaccinated, and that’s when I really became vocal, and Methodist did not like that,” Bowden continued.

🎞️ Watch the video below:

The statement from Dr. Bowden is true. After three years of the pandemic, more and more research points that repeated vaccinations make people more vulnerable to COVID and contribute to the rapid evolution of the virus.

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal suggested that the Covid outbreak heavily affected most vaccinated people.

Health officials in New York City are alerting its vaccinated residents or those previously infected with COVID-19, stating they “may be” at a higher risk of contracting the infectious Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5.

According to recent data from over 8,000 Walgreens stores in the United States, the unvaccinated have the lowest incidence of COVID-19 and vaccinated people are more likely to test positive.

This trend is also seen in other countries.

According to New South Wales‘ epidemiological weeks 51 and 52, ending December 31, 2022, 86% of the deaths and 80% of hospitalizations were vaccinated.

Only 6% of the death rate is unvaccinated and zero hospitalization.

In Canada, Independent researchers of the highest caliber evaluated government data from Ontario. The experts conclude that the Covid-19 vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing infection and hospitalization even with booster shots.

There are six times more cases that are vaccinated versus unvaccinated currently in ICU and 5 times more vaccinated cases that are in the hospital compared to unvaccinated cases.

According to the medical professionals in Methodist Hospital, the “vaccine mandate didn’t make patients safer at all.”

Not only that, but they detailed multiple incidents of vaccinated workers reporting sick to work.

“At that time, the management and methods ICU forced two nurses to come in sick, positive with COVID, with symptoms, fevers, and take care of patients in the ICU. So that completely obliterates the argument as far as patient safety, because there’s nothing more unsafe than having sick nurses taking care of immunocompromised patients in the ICU,” said Owen Robinson, a critical care registered nurse.


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