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🎥 MUST SEE: GOP Rep. Chip Roy Destroys BOTH Parties in Epic Rant Over $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

March 10, 2022

Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy went scorched earth on the House floor this week over the omnibus government spending bill recently agreed upon by Congress.

Roy slammed members of both parties for cheering on an appropriations bill that does not solve the problems of ordinary Americans — particularly the border crisis and soaring oil prices.

“Here we are again,” Roy began. “We’re sitting here, at the precipice of government funding running out, and I hear all my colleagues talking about how great it is that we’re going to come up with some great big omnibus bill, and I’m hearing that from my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Nobody in America wants us to plus up more spending, irresponsibly.”

“Nobody in America wants us to say, ‘Oh, let’s pat ourselves on the back now’ because some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are saying ‘well, you know what, it’s time now to ban Russian oil.’ It’s not good enough to ban Russian oil if we’re not going to open up American oil and gas,” he said.

“All we’re gonna do is provide more money to Venezuela, more money to Saudi [Arabia], more money to Iran. But yet, that’s being touted as a victory. And some of my colleagues on [the Republican] side of the aisle are saying ‘okay good, oh, this is great.’ But my colleagues on the [Democratic] side of the aisle, they don’t want any oil. They don’t mind your gas being $4, $7, $10 a gallon. Don’t get played. But my [Republican colleagues] are about to get played,” he added.

“Everybody back home is saying, ‘what are you gonna do to stop vaccine mandates?’ Nothing,” Roy said, calling out even his own colleagues for being all talk and no action.

“‘What are you going to do to secure the border?’ And my colleagues on [the Republican side] are going to say ‘oh, don’t worry, we’re going to give you more money for ICE, more money for Border Patrol.’ But you know what that does? It makes it worse. Because you’re funding the processing of people at our border, because that’s all Border Patrol and ICE are doing… It’s gonna make it worse.

And anybody who’s been to the border, anybody who talks to Border Patrol, anybody who talks to ICE, knows that’s true,” he declared.

“We’re not even gonna have a debate [on the floor] about what we’re doing in funding Ukraine, with Putin rolling over Ukraine. All we’re doing is backroom deal-making, waiting for somebody to drop a bill on the floor of the House, and then come down and vote yes or no,” he said.

“That is a disgusting display by both sides of this body. We ought to have a full and open debate on the floor of the House about what we’re doing in sending arms to Ukraine, how much we’re spending, what it means for our involvement, what it means for NATO, what it means for stopping Putin,” he continued.

“Stop spending money we don’t have,” Roy concluded. “Stop funding tyranny. Stop forcing Americans to get a jab or lose their job. Stop leaving the border wide open, and stop selling the American people a bill of goods, and I’m looking directly at my party when I say that.”


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