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NJ Woman Dies After Hospital Refuses to Administer Ivermectin Prescription - Total Medical Tyranny

December 12, 2021

David DeLuca of Sicklerville, NJ, would never know if Ivermectin drug would have saved his wife because the hospital didn’t allow this treatment.

Ivermectin was prescribed by an out-of-state doctor, especially for his wife, Colleen DeLuka, 62, who died from C-19 on October 10, 2021, at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital in Sewell, NJ, sometime before the husband could get a court order to administer the drug.

Many patients survived the virus only with the Ivermectin treatment, but the hospitals don’t include this treatment in their C-19 protocol, so they refuse to use it.

Buffalo, NY attorney Ralph Lorigo has spent the past 11 months handing cases where the family approves the Ivermectin treatment, so they have to get a court order to force hospitals to allow this drug to be administered.

DeLuca had the papers for court, but because Lorigo doesn’t practice in NJ, he told DeLuca to find an NJ attorney to file the documents and handle the case.

The husband couldn’t find an attorney who would do that.

“They kept telling me the magistrates of New Jersey will never let this go through. Now I’ve got to go through the next 25 years without her,” the husband said. “My 3-year-old granddaughter kisses her photo at night.”

David recalled the day in 10th grade American History class, where the new girl in the class sat next to him.

Colleen’s family was in the military, and she had moved back from Germany. The girl loved to hear DeLuke talking. They went to the prom together. In 1977 they shocked the families and eloped.

“Everybody said it wasn’t going to work,” David said. “But ultimately, my parents came to love her as a daughter.”

They went home for Thanksgiving and were immediately loaded with hand-me-down household items to prove their family was getting used to the union. The husband had two jobs, and the woman helped him type school papers and prepared dinner for them and three other college buddies.

The couple had six children, and the last two were home-schooled until graduation. At this moment, they have ten grandchildren.

When C-19 emerged, everyone was concerned. Colleen beat cancer twice, had asthma, and had many other health concerns. David also struggled with some other health issues too.

“We knew we were high-risk patients,” David said.

Colleen produced 500 masks and shared them with everyone. They took the precautions they could actually take, stayed at home, wore masks, and disinfected.

But, once the vaccines appeared, they couldn’t take them due to the use of aborted fetal cells.

In the middle of September, Colleen showed asthma symptoms. The pulmonologist gave her usual asthma medicaments.

“We weren’t thinking COVID at that time,” David said. ‘’It was not unusual for Colleen to have an asthma attack. She had complex breathing issues and used a nasal pap and an oxygen concentrator when she slept. Soon, she was coughing, and they started to monitor her oxygen saturation levels.’’

On September 21, he felt like he had hit a brick wall.

“I went to bed immediately,” David said. The following day he tested positive for C-19. According to the doctor, Colleen had it too.

The practitioner prescribed many medicaments, and among them is hydroxychloroquine. On September 23, Colleen’s oxygen level was 88%.

“I said, I have to take you to the hospital. She said, if you take me to the hospital, I’m going to die there. I said, if I don’t take you, you are going to die here.”

The oxygen level dropped to 86% during the night, so he called an ambulance.

The ambulance crew had Colleen sitting up on a gurney with an oxygen mask on her face. He couldn’t kiss her for goodbye.

The hospital had her on a CPAP machine with full oxygen, and at home, David had C-19 too. On September 28, he got a call from the hospital, they were about to put Colleen on a ventilator, and she wanted to talk to her husband. She was weak, the husband said.

“I’m going on the ventilator. Bury me in my ceremonial scapular. I love you and the kids.”

David took Ivermectin, and he immediately felt better, but he couldn’t give that to his wife because the hospital didn’t allow that.

“They said no, it’s not part of our protocol. It doesn’t work,” David said. “I told the doctors, you need to dispense this medicine. They said no.”

He tried to find a lawyer to convince the doctors at the hospital to use the drug on his wife. Also, the husband wanted to see his wife, but the doctors didn’t allow that.

‘’Eventually, he was able to see her through a window, but he wanted to hold her hand and let her hear his voice.’’ The epoch times described.

“You don’t understand. Your wife is dying,” David recalls the second call.

“I could see she was going to die. I called my kids and grandkids from all over the United States.” It was a video call.

“She was awake, and she was suffering,” David said.

”David was an Air Force pilot for 28 years and flew combat missions during which he was responsible for hundreds of lives. He was trained to make life and death decisions in seconds. But he never thought he would be in this situation. He allowed them to remove her from the ventilator.” the epoch times reported.

“I said, Lene, I can’t do this to you, and she squeezed my hand. We pulled the vent, and she died within 30 seconds. I couldn’t hug her because of all the stuff around her. I blessed her.”

“In my opinion, they gave up on her on day one. Their protocols killed her,” David said. “The legal system won’t do its job. People need to know (Ivermectin) is out there. I want her story to be told because I want other people to be protected and not go through what my kids went through, losing their mother.”

“I trusted the system to help, and they didn’t care.”


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