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Nunes Expects Durham Report, Concerned Garland Will Bury it, "As He Is A "Puppet For The Left”

August 13, 2021

It looks like the tables have turned for Rep. Devin Nunes!

Earlier last month, the Republican Rep argued that “he expects Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham to release a “damaging report” on the FBI’s failed investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.”

It wasn’t more than a month ago when Nunes was assertive (in an interview with Sara Carter) that prison sentences could fall on a number of former senior Obama officials.

“Nunes is one of the few members of the Republican Party that still believe justice will be served. He laid out his reasons on The Sara Carter Show and said he hasn’t given up faith in Durham’s investigation despite the enormous speculation that the Durham investigation will fail to deliver justice,” said Carter

In another interview, Nunes called Attorney General Merrick Garland “a kind of a puppet for the Left” and grew skeptical if he would bury the report.



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