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🎥 NZ Government Kidnaps Baby With Bad Heart, After Parents Refuse Vaccinated Blood Transfusion

December 8, 2022

During Thursday’s transmission of The Alex Jones Show, guest-host Owen Shroyer talked with a former New Zealand television host named Liz Gunn who is a lawyer helping a family fighting for their child’s right to undergo an emergency surgery without having blood contaminated with the Covid vaccine used in the process.

On Wednesday, Infowars covered the government’s decision to grant itself custody of baby Will, a four-month old baby needing an emergency heart surgery.

The child was taken from his parents because they demand their son be given blood that hasn’t been tainted by the experimental Covid-19 shots.

By Thursday, the infant was in government custody as horrifying footage shows police officers barging into the family’s hospital room in a scene out of a dystopian film.

Liz Gunn told Shroyer the boy’s father, Cole Reeves, tried reaching out to officers in the hospital room by telling them, “Do the right thing, mate. Do the right thing that is honorable as a man.”

While on-air, Gunn issued a warning to the officers involved and others who may do similar things in the future, saying, “On your deathbeds, you will be haunted by actions like this against good people.”

She also said the family had several American doctors reach out to them about potential assistance following the parents’ appearance on The Alex Jones Show this week.

After looking through baby Will’s vitals and baby records, a U.S. cardiologist and cardiac surgeon suggested the child “is not an urgent case,” and said, “He is actually thriving for a baby who needs a heart operation.”

The doctors in America said they would not typically do a potentially dangerous surgery in the middle of the holiday season because it’d ruing the family’s life forever and asked if they’d be willing to wait until January to do the operation in The States.

However, the New Zealand government sent law enforcement into the medical facility to intimidate the brave family and ensure the operation was completed.

The mother, Samantha Savage, even offered police officers in the room toast at three in the morning as she was being monitored by the government minions in the hospital.

Gunn explained this was a sign of peace in the midst of chaos and that it went against the government’s hopes that the family would lash out at their absurd actions and be easily labeled unstable.

Later, a woman working for the state who was holding baby Will as he cried refused to simply let Samantha hold him to comfort the boy ahead of his forced surgery.

This highlights the cruel nature of the government employees who are enforcing the globalist agenda on citizens across the world.

This is only one family in one nation, but their tragic tale will have ramifications that could set a worldwide precedent normalizing government kidnapping in the name of the medical dictatorship.

Infowars will provide updates on baby Will’s government-mandated surgery as soon as possible.

SOURCE: InfoWars

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