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🟨 One Way or Another, The Truth Will Reach Your Front Door

May 12, 2023

As the "migrant invasion" ramps up after the expiration of Title 42, scenes like this one are unfolding across America:

"Chicago residents are told that 250 illegals are coming to their neighborhood"

This is how they reacted:

👆 I’ve said from the beginning: One way or another, before this is all over, virtually everyone will be red pilled by the white hat operation and that the harsh realities and truths will reach everyone’s front door.

For some it was COVID, for others it was the 2020 election, for many parents it was the masking, CRT and transgender agenda.

Now, in these final days and weeks it is a full scale “crisis-level” invasion, in the Cities where the most asleep people reside - New York, DC, Chicago, Philly, LA, etc.

Do you seriously think this is a coincidence?

Think folks. If the Cabal were in control why wouldn’t they be flooding REPUBLICAN cities with migrants?  Why wouldn’t they be attempting to shift the balance of voter registration the way they have already been doing for the past 30 years?

Because this is a white hat operation to wake up the sleepers.

And if that doesn’t reach the normies front doors?

Stay tuned.

When the banking system collapses completely and no one can access their money, the awakening will have gone completely mainstream.

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john mark gatti
john mark gatti
13 may 2023

your fricken captcha sign up is CRAP , 8x still no joy .and please stop useing it ,is is spyware ,dark side .

Me gusta
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