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🎥 Patriots Behind The Mic: Kevin Hoyt - the "Stories of Digital Warriors Who Are Saving Freedom"

March 23, 2023

Each week this series highlights the "Stories of Digital Warriors Who Are Saving Freedom" - Anons, Patriots and Truthers in the movement who are collectively fighting to bring exposure, reality and the Great Awakening to the collective conscience.

Kevin Hoyt, self-identified Governor of Vermont. Background in engineering, then a few decades as a television host & produce. Conservation educator, started conservation programs all over the world. Entered politics is 2018, performed an election audit in 2019 that lead to countless scandals and crimes, became a "reporting party" for the multi-state federal RICO investigation in 2020 to expose his Sheriff and now over 60 elected officials. America First endorsed candidate and speaker AS AN INDEPENDENT, has produced over 4,000 video productions in the last 5 years, countless podcasts, speaking events, truth tours. Had his break lines cut last April, forced from his home & community. Warrant issued for his arrest a week before 22' elections.. currently "in exile" and still standing, still a candidate for VT Governor.

In this interview, Kevin brings a wealth of red pills and stories that will help Patriots find levity at every stage of their awakening. As always, please remember to SHARE this with your friends and neighbors who can benefit from a dose of reality and TRUTH!

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