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🎥 Paul Manafort: He’s Going to Have A LOT to Say to America in The Coming Months

September 10, 2022

I know it’s behind a paywall on Fox Nation. If I can get a free copy of the whole interview I’ll post it.

The hour interview on Tucker Carlson Originals was Eye Opening. I wish I could get every person that says “well five of Trump’s Campaign staff went to jail” to watch this.

It certainly sounds to me like he is gearing up for a vindication tour and we’re going to hear quite a bit more out of Manafort in the coming months.

I have to admit, I didn’t know a lot about Manafort pre-Trump. Yea, we all know the FBI set him up, tried to flip him on Trump with fabricated process crimes and when he wouldn’t, they jailed him. Same story with Roger Stone and others. But, I didn’t know his backstory and what he has known for many YEARS about the cabal/Soros/Biden involvement in Ukraine. He’s known it ALL for well over a decade.

When I heard the story in totality and re-compared it to the media lies and fabrications, two things jumped out at me:

1) The Mockingbird media’s narrative was even MORE ridiculous than I previously realized. The lies were far greater and the omissions of truth and context were off the charts. (They still are to this day on Google).

2) It seems clear to me that Manafort wasn’t just brought in for his decades of experience in major political campaigns. He was READ-IN because of his TEN YEARS of experience in The Ukraine.

It allll comes back to The Ukraine

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