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🎥 Phil Godlewski: White Hats Flipped Pelosi - You ARE Watching A Movie - 7/30 Live-Stream Excerpt

August 2, 2022

Highlights of Phil discussing Nancy Pelosi's role in the Q operation as having been "flipped" by the White Hats a while back. There has been ample evidence floating around for over a year indicating that Pelosi is being "handled" by US Marshalls. Specifically, Phil discussed the video from Fake Biden's "inauguration" showing Marshals directing her and instructing her not to speak, caught on a hot mic. I have taken this segment of Phil's live and added in the actual footage that he references, as well as numerous images from the past year, showing the same woman watching over Pelosi wherever she appears. We really are watching a movie. Expand your thinking, suspend your disbelief and pay close attention - decide for yourself.

All Credit: Phil Godlewski

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