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Proof that Biden Administration is Involved in Human Trafficking

January 29, 2022

The police department in Westchester, New York recently released body camera footage exposing the federal government’s operation to ship hundreds of illegal aliens across the country via airplane.

The Biden administration is fast-tracking the demise of our nation, as this is the second recorded instance this week of illegal aliens being deposited by the hundreds.

The body camera footage is 51 minutes long and would never have seen the light if Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino had not demanded its release through a Freedom of Information Act request. This article goes through the most damning encounters from the footage, which clearly shows how the Biden administration is betraying Americans.

Of course, the Biden administration has attempted to keep their human trafficking operation secret because Americans would be horrified to learn that dangerous illegal aliens are being moved to their local communities. The recent illegal alien shipment arrived in Westchester, New York in the dead of night.

In the video, which you can watch here, you can see a police officer confront one of the federal contractors, who says:

“Listen, my thing is I like to comply, but technically, we’re not supposed to show IDs or anything. Like I said, everything is supposed to be hush-hush.”

Officer Hamborsky was astonished that the contractors refused to identify themselves and asked who permitted them to keep their identity hidden from police:

“Un-f*cking-believable. And who’s that by? Department of Homeland Security?”

The contractor responded:

“Yes, and the United States Army.”

Understand how evil the actions of Biden are. He is using the Department of Homeland Security to undermine the security of Americans in their local communities. He is using the United States Army to conduct human trafficking missions.

Hamborsky, the police officer with the body camera, talked to various federal contractors on the tarmac facilitating the illegal alien shipment. He quickly learned that the same plane had arrived at 11:48 the previous night with a separate shipment of 142 migrants.

To control the illegal aliens onboard, the White House had 12 employees of MVM Inc. onboard. MVM Inc. is a private security firm that signed a $136 million contract with the federal government last year to transport illegal aliens and unaccompanied minors throughout the United States.

When Hamborsky asked one of the contractors why the shipment came to a small airport like Westchester, the contractor replied with the following:

“You don’t want to be in somewhere the spotlight is. You want to try and be as down-low as possible. A lot of this is just down-low stuff and we don’t tell people because what we don’t want to do is attract attention.”

Officer Hamborsky is a patriot, and that night he was a thorough investigator for the American people. He went to the nearby buses that illegal aliens were filing into and questioned the bus drivers, learning that the foreigners were being trafficked to Madison, New Jersey, and Maryland.

The most damning interaction Hamborsky had with the federal contractors occurred when he asked what the motivation was behind shipping illegal aliens around the country:

“And why? You know why?”

The contractor replied:

“You know why, look who’s in office. That’s why, come on.”

Hamborsky then asks why the contractors are being so secretive and refuse to reveal their identities, to which the contractor says:

“You know why. Because if this gets out, the government is betraying the American people.”

The evidence could not be more clear. The Biden administration is orchestrating the collapse of the United States via a migrant take over. Republicans must bring this evil to light and prevent our national suicide.


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