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Prosecutors Call Epstein Pilot as First Witness in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

November 30, 2021

Prosecutors on Monday called one of Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots as the first witness in their sex-trafficking case against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., who was hired by Epstein in 1991, was asked about the relationship between the late pedophile and his longtime alleged madam, describing it as “more personal than business.”

“I wouldn’t even categorize it as romantic,” he said, noting it was more “couple-ish.”

Yet, Visoski, who goes by the nickname “Larry,” said he never witnessed them kiss or hold hands.

Visoski testified that when he met Maxwell, she managed Epstein’s many households, including hiring staff and decorating his residences.

Prosecutors in their opening statements earlier Monday had described the British socialite as a “lady of the house” who was “involved in every detail of Epstein’s life.”

The feds are making the argument that Maxwell, 59, was the sick financier’s “partner in crime” and an “essential” participant in his scheme to sexually abuse underage girls.

She has denied the charges, and her attorneys have repeatedly claimed she’s being scapegoated for the government’s failure to bring Epstein to trial.

Visoski flew the convicted creep’s private jet, the “Lolita Express,” for over a quarter-century, reportedly shuttling high-profile figures.

His testimony is expected to continue when the proceedings resume Tuesday morning.


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