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🟨 Saturday Night’s Main Event: Trump’s UFC Q Proof

April 10' 2023

On Saturday night, Donald Trump nice again "broke the internet" when he showed up at UFC 287 in Miami, flanked by Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, Don Jr and his good friend and UFC founder, Dana White. Of course the "former" President was surrounded by his usual Secret Service detail of 20+ agents ("former", yea, right👌🏻).

The optics of the appearance were off the chart, from "American Badass" blaring over the PA system as Trump entered the arena, to the entire crowd standing and chanting "USA" to the endless parade of UFC fighters who made the pilgrimage to Trump's ringside seat to pay homage to the Commander in Chief after each match. It was a storybook ending to a week filled with reverence for the man who sacrificed himself to set the precedent that will lead to the prosecution of every deep state actor from Obama to Hillary and back.

As MAGA country stayed up into the early hours of Easter Sunday exchanging videos and images from the event, Anons were giddy as we analyzed the impossible string of "coincidences" that proves, once again, that we're watching a string of carefully coordinated events, all designed to change the public narrative and prepare the masses for the disclosure events to come in the near future.

How do we know? Below is the string of Telegram posts that I made early Sunday morning after the UFC event:

🟨 UFC Hits a Q Drop! 🔥🔥

Again, how many coincidences before it’s mathematically impossible?

🟨 President Trump makes a “surprise” appearance at UFC 287 in Miami on the evening of 4/8.

🟨 UFC #287 >> 2+8+7=17 >> 17=Q

🟨 The event ends after midnight on the morning of Sunday 4/9/23. The UFC posts an Instagram with the caption “The Hunter Becomes The Hunted”

🟨 Q Drop 3923, 4/9/20…exactly 4 years ago to the day: an image of Trump: “Hunters Become The Hunted”

We really ARE watching a movie 🍿


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