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🎥 Shocking: CA NICU Nurse Blows Whistle on Spikes in Fetal Demise Since COVID Vaccine Rollout

February 14, 2023

Watch this, the entire clip and ask yourself why isn’t this being investigated by the CDC and FDA. The Safety Signal in VAERS (the program used by the CDC/FDA to monitor vaccine safety) went off in 2021 and continued to climb in 2022.

Those that spoke out were censored and many lost their social media platforms all together for simply sharing the data from the CDC/FDA’s own database. (See tweet with VAERS data that Dr. Jessica Rose shared today below.) Those that advocated and implemented this censorship should be held accountable for the tragedies that unfolded as a result.

You can watch the entire interview on The HighWire’s website. This interview aired November 15th, 2022:


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