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SICK: Murphy orders mandatory masking for N.J. daycare children including toddlers

How much more are you willing to tolerate, Save Jerseyans?

On Monday, Governor Phil Murphy announced that daycare workers and children – including toddlers age two and up – effective this Friday, September 24th. As per usual, it’s completely unclear what data point brought about this latest executive order; data from the opening of K-12 schools around the state suggests little real benefit derived from masking students.

Murphy is also replicating and imposing the familiar “vaccinate or test weekly” mandate for daycare workers.

“We know there are already many child care providers who are doing their utmost to protect the children in their care, their employees, and their communities – and we thank them,” Murphy said at his Monday briefing. “This order ensures that everyone is abiding by the same strong standards.”

Again… child hospitalizations resulting FROM COVID-19 (as opposed to incidentally testing positive while being treated for something else) are extremely rare.

This masking fetish of the American Left is unique to the American Left. Most of Europe for example is NOT masking young children.

No one is being protected here. This isn’t science. This is child abusecommitted for the sake of scoring political points. Phil Murphy is masking toddlers to mask his own failures. And frankly, on behalf of all fed-up parents around the great Garden State, if our governor wants to try to visit my kid’s daycare, wrestle my toddler to the ground, and keep a mask on his face for more than 30 seconds? He’s welcome to try it!

I’ll ask again: have you had enough yet, fellow N.J. parents?

Or are you going to keep pretending this bullshit makes sense? All while Hollywood celebrates the Emmy Awards without a single mask in sight? After Phil Murphy continues to torture your kids with scientifically bankrupt restrictions to distract from the fact that he ignored common sense and packed sick people into nursing homes? Killing 8,000+ human beings?

There’s another potential concern here:

The Left loves to complain about strict anti-abortion laws driving women to obtain unsafe abortions. This mask mandate could drive some parents to seek out less professional daycares. No license, no insurance, lax standards. If a New Jersey infant or toddler is harmed as a result of Murphy creating a perverse incentive to ditch experienced daycares?

That’s on him.



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