Sorry, SCOTUS is Not Overturning the Election

May 11, 2022

by on Telegram

There are many rumors flying around Social Media, particularly within Telegram and the truther/Q movement that continue to discuss a rumor that SCOTUS is secretly in session and are expected to announce that they will overturn the 2020 Presidential Election.

Ahhhh, if only it were that simple. But unfortunately, those of us who have been on the front lines of this information war well know that the Supreme Court’s ship has long since sailed off into the sunset.

Let’s flash back to the cases that Trump and Republicans attempted to bring forth before the 2020 Election took place. Chief Justice John Roberts, declined to review ANY of the clear Constitutional violations of Article 1, Section 4, which states:

The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.

What does this say? It says that the ONLY way ANY state could legally add drop boxes, universal mail-in balloting, extra voting days, elimination of signature verified etc is by having their States’ Senate and House pass LAWS that enact such practices. However that’s not what happened. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, among many others simply had their Governors, Judges and even Secretaries of State simply enact the new rules. Since most Americans don’t know the law and were too busy being brainwashed into submission by the 24/7 COVID propaganda machine, no one even noticed.

What the states did is as clear of a Constitutional violation as there is. It’s the only such clause in the document that regulates election practices and no, there are ZERO provisions that allow this to be changed by the CDC or any public health emergency, real or perceived.

So SCOTUS was complicit in the setup of the election fraud and they most certainly know this. Reversing the election, on any grounds traces the origins back to their laps.

The same holds true after the election. Despite the media having convinced America that the election “evidence” has been “rejected” by every court, that’s fake news. The truth is that the courts, including SCOTUS declined to even REVIEW ANY of the cases. That means the mountain of evidence was never even viewed by the justices. How can any responsible human say there is no evidence when they haven’t agreed to even see the evidence that exists?

What’s worse, in declining post-election cases, Roberts went as far as to say that the time to bring such complaints was “BEFORE” the election. WHAAAAAT!!??

So, while many were fighting with family over vaccines and masks, this was all taking place. SCOUTS was just as complicit as the criminals in each state that setup the steal.

So let’s move on to the present. Most people reading this do not believe that Joe Biden is the legal President of the United States. As the year following January 20, 2022 has dragged on, many of us are now convinced that President Trump used Constitutional war powers to enact Devolution, suspending the Constitution and giving operational control of the Government to the Military.

The evidence exists that Trump saw the fraud coming, monitored the election in real time using Space Force Intelligence and then used the evidence as justification to take action, signing a PEAD (Presidential Emergency Action Document) to enact Devolution. The Devolution Series on, written by Patel Patriot covers this in more detail.

NOW, back to SCOTUS and keeping in mind this is written for those who believe Devolution is currently in play.

If you read the Constitution and understand the basic premise of how it works, then you know that the suspension of the Constitution makes a SCOTUS intervention simply impossible.

Let’s look at facts and laws:

1) The PEAD suspends Habeas Corpus and the Constitution. This is legal, Constitutional and the action is REQUIRED of the President in the event of a domestic insurrection. Protecting the integrity of the Constitution is the very basis of the President’s Oath of Office. It is also not without precedent, as this is the same action taken by President Lincoln at the outset of the Civil War. The announcement of unilateral secession by Southern States, was considered a domestic insurrection. Coordinated election fraud would be no less of an insurrection.

2) Suspending the Constitution removes ALL powers from the Congress and the SCOTUS. This isn’t speculation, it’s fact. The powers designated to the Federal government are derived from the Constitution. The Constitution is a contract that Delegates power from the States and We The People to the Federal Government and it’s institutions. Without that document, Washington is powerless. That’s how it works folks.

3) If the Constitution was suspended on January 6th, then the Congress had no power to certify the election. The 12th Amendment of the Constitution gives Congress this power and without it, neither exists and the election was not legally certified. Therefore THERE IS NO ELECTION TO DECERTIFY or OVERTURN. This is how Trump remains Commander in Chief and how the military is able to run the operation that is the very basis of Devolution.

4) Since we know 1-3 to be true, how can a non-existent Supreme Court overturn an election that did not count and remove an administration that has never been legitimate and most believe is now under White Hat control?

5) Since last week, are seeing chaos pan out because of a “leaked SCOTUS opinion” on Roe v Wade. Cities are again losing control and much of it is because Americans don’t know the 10th Amendment means this decision would change nothing. But These activists are being told by the media that their Abortion “ rights” have been taken away. Which isn’t true. The media has branded SCOTUS as “compromised, partisan and rogue.” Justices’ houses are SURROUNDED. But we are now supposed to believe that the White Hats’ “Plan” is to dump napalm on a fire by suddenly telling America that SCOTUS is booting the entire Administration out? How do you think that would work out for civil stability?

6) We know the military “has it all”, everything from data to video to confessions that prove elect fraud beyond a doubt. But, we should believe the plan is to unleash the chaos outlined above and then hold special elections? We are to believe this is all going to go down without first showing “it all” to the WHOLE country? I’m sorry but that makes no sense from an operational or from a public safety sense.

7) Many are saying new elections will happen in June. Many are saying “not in all states.” But those same folks are also saying Biden got as few as 25 million votes. That means ~55 million votes were shifted and fraudulent. Why then wouldn’t ALL states have new elections? And how would they show the public the REASONS that only certain states were selected?

I’m sorry but either The “Q Plan” is wrong, the written laws are wrong, our deductive theories have been wrong, or this entire SCOTUS story is simply not possible.

Anyone following the Q movement and the truth movement knows that a major goal is for humanity to use discernment and exercise Critical Thinking.

Realistically, whether it’s Q or someone with an “intel” contact could never tell us anything like the SCOTUS story in advance, even if it were possible.

The powers at be would WANT us to question the very plausible facts that make this story impossible under Devolution. So, I’m sorry if this bothers people who are looking for THE answer. But the reality is that this movement exists for humanity to learn about the hidden truths of our REAL world that have been hidden and manipulated by the Deep State Cabal. Truth is only revealed by connecting evidence and facts, not blindly listening to ANY one person. President Trump would be the first to tell any one of us of us the exact same thing. 🇺🇸


-Make TRUTH Free Again