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The DNC Has Significant Bioterrorism Questions to Address

June 13, 2022

Now that I’ve had some time to digest the release statement from the DoD about the biolabs in Ukraine, it looks like the DoD are throwing everyone else under the bus.

I am fluent in Corporate-speak and I also worked for the DoD. The translated overall message of this statement in layman’s terms:

“WE didn’t do shit! Here’s a list of all the good shit we’ve done over the decades just in case you forgot. We fund these international labs with the intention of peaceful research, but we cannot speak for the actions of all of the other entities that the Russians accused. If any fuckery was going on, it wasn’t us.”

Keep in mind that Russia accused the DoD’s current (alleged) Commander in Chief, Biden, of being one of the 4 main ideologues responsible for formulating this plot to create biological weapons, and the DoD didn’t address it.

The DoD did not say the Russian allegations were false, they just said that the DoD were not knowingly involved in any such allegations. In fact, they helped build Russia’s case, and dismantled the entire left wing media, by publicly addressing that the labs are real and the DoD are sending funds to MORE labs than alleged.

Not to mention this statement from the DoD DIRECTLY contradicts the statements made from Biden and his Press Secretary, at the time Jen Psaki, who speaks in place of the Commander in Chief to the press, she stated that the labs weren’t real and it was all Russian and Chinese conspiracy theories and propaganda.

The DoD contradicting their Commander in Chief? That’s not how it works 😂 but I suppose when the Commander in Chief pushes a BLATANT lie, that there are no biolabs in Ukraine, it’s rather hard to defend. Especially when Russia starts blowing them up and taking them over.

Now ask yourself, why would Biden lie about the existence of biolabs in Ukraine if he was not he trying to hide something? CLEARLY Biden and the entire left wing machine are trying to cover up the biological activity in Ukraine.

Now look at Hunter Biden’s involvement with Rosemont Seneca, Black and Veatch, Metabiota, Ukraine…

The evidence is getting more difficult to ignore, but it’s pretty clear that Joe Biden and the upper echelons of the DNC are genocidal bioterrorists.

Start calling them for what they are.

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